What is Libretro?

Libretro is a simple but powerful development interface that allows for the easy creation of emulators, games and multimedia applications that can plug straight into any libretro-compatible frontend. This development interface is open to others so that they can run these pluggable emulator and game cores also in their own programs or devices.

What is possible with libretro?

  • Play games (retro and more current ones)
  • Watch movies (through the ffmpeg libretro core)
  • Other stuff (augmented reality, etc) (experimental test cores that showcase camera and location API support)

With libretro, you can make  cross-platform applications that can use rich features such as OpenGL, cross-platform camera support, location support, and more in the future.

What is RetroArch?

RetroArch is the official reference frontend for the libretro API.

What is it most commonly used for ?

RetroArch can be many things to many persons. However, it is currently used by most as a modular multi-system game/emulator system. It suits that usecase well since it has been designed to be fast,
lightweight, and portable. It has features few other dedicated games / emulators have,
such as:

  • Real-time rewinding
  • Multi-pass shaders (up to 8-pass)
  • Game aware shading
  • Remote networked sound support
  • A built-in GUI/OSD system

And more…

What platforms does it support?

RetroArch sets the standard on cross-platform portability right now.

  • Linux (x86 and x86_64)
  • Windows (32bit/64bit)
  • Mac OSX (Intel)
  • Playstation 3 (PS3 SDK)
  • PlayStation Portable (PSP) [WIP]
  • Xbox 1 (XDK)
  • Xbox 360 (XeXDK/Libxenon)
  • Gamecube
  • Wii
  • Raspberry Pi
  • OpenPandora
  • Android
  • Blackberry (10/Playbook)
  • iOS

What web platforms does it support?

Far be it for us to just limit ourselves to physical platforms – we also go beyond that:

  • Javascript (ASM.js – Enscripten)

Check out a handful of demos here – RetroArch Emscripten. Note – best results are obtained by using Firefox Nightly. It can mean the difference between a core running at fullspeed or not depending on your hardware/OS.

Where can I get it?

Latest stable releases are available at the Downloads page.

Android app on Google Play

  • Miodrag Stancevic

    When I tried to open Retroarch I got an error: “retroarch.exe is not a valid WIN32 application”

    • AndresSM

      Maybe you tried the x64 megapack, there is a WIN32 and a WIN64 pack

  • Albert

    OH wonderful! I hope the latest verision comes to 360 <3

    • AndresSM

      It will take some time. Maybe by the time or arrive.

  • Vineyard101

    Works great on mojo

  • Pitoanto

    I have a JXD S5110 with Skelrom 1.6. My question is, How do I get out the FPS while in game screen?

    Good job wuth RetroArch. You’re the bests :)

    • AndresSM

      You can go into RGUI (green menu) and in settings you have show framerate

  • Micechal

    The rounded croners don’t seem to work properly in Firefox 26, but they do in Chrome 32. Try using “border-radius: 6px;” instead of “-moz-border-radius: 6px;”, which (I think) is obsolete.

  • Ernie Beltran

    Any way to make it full screen on the ios jailbroken device??

  • lul

    How can you make the legend of Zelda ocarina of time work. Link doesn’t move :c

    • AndresSM

      What platform?

  • Andrew
  • Incognit

    Can somebody help me, i want to play DK64 but the Ape can’t enter into the level. It just goes through the door but doesn’t happen anything. Is on iOS 7.0.4 on an iPad 4. Your help will be thankful. And by the way, is a pretty cool emulator. Great work.

  • Incognit

    Well i finally make the DK64 work as it has to be. Changed the CPU compiler and used the cached interpeter and worked as it was designed, but very slow. The Dynamic recompiler doesnt work, as shown in my other comment the ape can go through walls. So hope this bug if it can be named like that get fixed on a RetroArch update…

  • Thunder

    somebody tried to play Killer Instinct Arcade on retroarch MAME, it is possible?

    • AndresSM

      It works fine for me on Windows.

      • Thunder

        Can u help me I have the roms and the chd file but it doesn’t run, do u have the old file to run on mame v78 retroarch? or how do u do to play it, I have an iPhone 4S and iPad 3

        • AndresSM

          I use MAME 0.154. I’m just starting to work on mame078 to fix path mappings, etc.

          In the meantime this page has some useful info that might help you

          • Thunder

            That means tha will be possible to play killer instinct arcade on retroarch iOS ?

          • AndresSM

            It should be possible already but I haven’t personally used mame078 at all. That page tells you how.

            I’ll be fixing path mapping so that mame078 works the same way other cores do, use standard paths, etc.

          • Thunder

            Sorry for many questions, the only actual mame is the v078 or are other mame in iOS?

          • AndresSM

            No idea I only use RA on Android and Windows

          • Thunder

            Ok I will try to run KI, hope it runs :(

          • Kane

            I got KI Arcade running on iPhone 5 with MAME4iOS Reloaded (1.039ul)

          • Thunder

            Can you tell me how it runs? slowly or normal gameplay

          • Kane

            Slowly, I made YouTube video of it. But on iPhone 5s… It runs a little bit faster. So on iPhone 6 it will be even faster!

          • Thunder

            Can you give me the link to watch your video

          • Kane


            I now have 5s, better speeds… But no so different. Maybe iPhone 6 will give it boost

          • Thunder

            sorry man but i do this….
            “Better path management. For now all games must be placed in a folder named ‘rom’.”

            “Other folders must be created manually in ‘rom’s parent directory. Their names can be found under the File I/O section of src/libretro/osd.c.”

            but this part is what i dont understand, i put the roms on folder “rom” and created a folder “kinst” for the CHD, i put the CHD out the folder with the roms and it not runs, any idea how to put the roms, can u help me, please

          • AndresSM

            My guess is you should find an older mame version and see how it behaves by default.

            Have you tried non CHD games? are you sure your CHD is for 078?

          • Thunder


          • AndresSM

            No and this is not the place for ROM requests

          • Thunder

            Well thanks and sorry for ask that :)

  • Thunder

    Any idea what could be… I found the full mame 78 rom set and tested on PC mame78b and all roms works but when intrude to play KI on iOS retroarch it doesn’t run input the rom and chd on folder as I do on pc

    • AndresSM

      I tried KI on MAME078 core in PC and all I get is a blue screen

      • Thunder

        I tried on mame78b and it runs but on iOS not :(

  • Dandare

    Great Project for CRT/Scanline fans like me. I tried it with GZDoom, but yet it crash for unknown reason. Hopefully it will be supported in future. Maybe a whole desktop applied CRT Filter for Windows would be cool, too

    • AndresSM

      What is GZDoom?

      • Dandare

        It’s the OpenGL Version of ZDoom.

        • AndresSM

          There is a PRBOOM core, you would need a GZDoom core to do that I guess

          • Dandare

            I guess that, too. But even the PRBOOM Core, didn’t work further then the Start-Screen. If you click “New Game” the Menu disappear and nothing happen. Well,i was just to mention the demand for proper Boom emulation :)

  • Thunder

    Ok I give up with KI, now have u tried to play doom on prboom

  • DynaMyke

    I’m having a lot of trouble trying to run psx games on my google nexus 7! Is this the right place to ask? Many thanks

    • AndresSM

      What kind of problems?

      • DynaMyke

        OK so I got things working to some extent but now it seem every game I try to play whether it be Sega genesis to psx, all keep freezing! I get a few mins into it and it freezes, other games take about 10 seconds to freeze. Any idea?

        Many thanks


        • DynaMyke

          This is what happens

          • DynaMyke

            Ok so it won’t let me post the picture but it freezes for 5-30 seconds then shows retroarch is not responding

          • AndresSM

            Disable the threaded video option, it’s a known issue, fixed by now but it hasn’t been pushed to google play yet.

          • DynaMyke

            How about playing Sega CD games? Are they compatible with androids retroarch?

          • AndresSM


          • DynaMyke

            What core? I have BIOS files but no joy

          • AndresSM

            Both picodrive en genplusgx should work. You need bin/cue images

          • DynaMyke

            OK thanks for your help! I’m sure I’ll be back in touch if I have no luck!

          • DynaMyke

            Ok so I haven’t got genplusgx on my version of retroarch, I still can’t run sonic CD for Sega CD. Below I have added a picture of my ROM file. At the bottom you will see both the bin and cue file for sonic CD and above somewhere are multiple BIOS files. I have tried load and detect core but picodrive is the only Sega core that appears and just crashes out when i choose it. Am I doing something wrong?

          • AndresSM

            Required BIOS file(s): “BIOS_CD_J.bin“, “BIOS_CD_U.bin” and “BIOS_CD_E.bin“

          • DynaMyke

            Oh and thanks so much, disabling that option makes it run perfectly. Many thanks to you

  • Arrow Slanger

    Hey there AndresSM, I am using RetroArch on my iPhone 5 w/ iOS 7.04.I am having a blast running all the old NES games I used to play as a kid. For my question, I decided to try and hook up the Wii remote, I have BTStack installed, and am able to get the Wii remote connected, but it seems like the buttons are mapped wrong, like the thumbpad on the wii remote makes my character jump, the b button makes him move up etc. Also, when I select Wii remote + classice, nothing happens, its only when I select sixaxis/dualshock that I get any response using my Wii remote. Any suggestions or tutorials you can link me to?. Thanks.

    • AndresSM

      I don’t have an iOS device so no idea..
      You can always try on the forums

  • cm

    Hey need help for this lag im getting, im not quite sure but it seems it has to do with the emulation or roms from certain sites.

    • AndresSM

      You should state your platform at the very least…
      Also what core and what games

  • MasviL

    Are save states and/or save games cross-platform compatible?
    I mean: can I generate a save state and/or save game in Windows and use it on Android (or iOS etc.)?

    • AndresSM


  • Sergei_Alekseev

    Hello. Latest version for Android + PCSX ReARMed freezes randomly. Nevermind with or without threaded video driver.

  • blackhawk

    hi, i cant seem to download retroarch app from, it says its being worked on and i have been checking for about a week now, is there any way to know how long its gonna take.

    • AndresSM

      Justo download it from here or the official cydia repo

      • Lolage

        The files is in the form of a “.app” folder. What do I do to make it an app that can be installed on my phone? Isn’t it supposed to be “.ipa”?
        Edit: BTW I’m not Jailbroken and I wont consider jailbreaking it anytime soon

        • AndresSM

          download from the cydia repo with cydia

        • AndresSM

          No way around that then sorry.

  • blackhawk

    Nvm srry i found all my answers on this page lol, I want looking in the right place, thanks for the help.

  • Phill

    Can you use a Moga Ace controller with this? If so, how?

    • AndresSM

      I guess with meancoot’s mfi wrapper but to be honest I have no idea

  • Emilio1770

    Hello, I have retroarch installed, I also have my ps3 connected, all the buttons work when I play games but I can’t get the analogs to work, pls help? Thank you,

    • AndresSM

      Known issue, might be fixed on next version

  • Emilio1770


    • AndresSM

      As I said, it might be fixed on the next version

  • DecMaster

    Hi ! I have the same problem like blackhawk: I’m not jailbroken and the different site where I was able to download RetroArch for no jailbroken ios (so without cydia but with safari) mark that: “Installation issue being worked on ! pleaseheck back later if you want to install RetroArch” and that was already the same message 2 month ago. So can I download RetroArch by an other method (without cydia and jailbreak please) or can you try to solve the problem because I want really play N64 and PSX on my iphone *-*

    • AndresSM

      That method relies on exploiting developer certificates for enterprise distribution. It’s a loophole on the Apple Enterprise distribution system and no, RetroArch won’t support that.

      • DecMaster

        But many person have it :/ I would like to believe you have right but the persons have it with no jailbreak so it´s mean that is possible right ?

        • AndresSM

          Indeed, not possible. You can either jailbreak or build yourself.

          You would need an apple developer account though, that’s like $100 a year or something

  • Roland Garros

    when I download retroarch for PC and extract, I do not see the retroarch-phoenix.exe file anywhere? I have tried re-installing as well.. help

    • AndresSM

      Phoenix has been deprecated, now everything is handled by RGUI (the green menu)

  • Dan

    This is just about the coolest piece of software I’ve ever installed on my iPhone. The only problem is that the erection it’s given me has persisted for longer than 4 hours, which means I’m going to have to go to the emergency room. Thanks developer(s) of retroarch! You may just have cost me my penis! (WORTH IT!)

    • Zak Dwyer

      I love the Internet

      • Kyle

        I love the pre big corporation internet! There I edited it for you!

        • Alondale

          Your right dude this site is a lier and should be taken down…… Can’t even tell the truth

          • Radius4

            You’re a funny dude :D

  • Jose

    Hello there, Great Program just purchased for Ouya.
    But I can not make it keep the border configuration no matter what I do. It will work went I do it on Game but once I exit the border is gone.
    Can you provide me with a Zip file of the entire Configuration already completed so all borders work.
    I am sure is simple enough but been working on it for weeks.
    Any help you can provide will be grateful.

    P,S, THE PROGRAM IS PERFECT. keep up the Excellent work.
    Thanks in Advance.

    • AndresSM

      Is save configuration on exit enabled?

  • healicious

    hi, can i use my currently save files (psx)(which played in xbox360 using pcsxr360v2.0.1) to my ios 7 iphone 5?

    • healicious

      i can play smoothly with my jailbroken iphone 5 but i need import my save files.

      • Squarepusher

        I don’t know. Try renaming the files to the filename of your ISO and the extension to .srm.

  • unknown

    is it support .rar game files?

    • AndresSM


  • Guest

    How do i download files to the app it says its a zip and i dont know any other way to get a game

  • stupidkidz93

    Hi, I am a newbie here. I seem to have problem with the fast forward function in my iOS6 device.. is it only me or everyone has the same problem?

  • Shiroshinobi

    I downloaded the retroarch app today on my non jail broken 32gb iPhone 5s but I cannot get ps1 games to play but GBA and n64 work any solutions??

    • AndresSM

      You are most likely missing the BIOS files

      • Shiroshinobi

        Scph1001? I downloaded but idk where to save them to?

        • AndresSM
          • Shiroshinobi

            I downloaded it and it still won’t play?

          • AndresSM

            what did you download?

          • Shiroshinobi

            The scph5501.bin bios

          • AndresSM

            I think you need all three of them and you need to put them in your system folder. I’m not sure but the name might be case sensitive.

            Sadly I don’t have an iOS device to guide you

  • Kadir Kuru

    Hi when I play pokemon stadium up down left or right doesn’t seem to work on pokemon selection !!

    • animez2

      you need to get the overlay by pressing the setting button at the bottom (looks like a gear) and then press global configure or something, then output overlay and look for n64 and press n64 button overlay

  • Emilio1770

    Hello, do you know when is the next updat for retroar

  • kyledunne30 .

    Can anyone help me get the moga power ace to work with retroarch? I really wanna play n64 and psx on here with the controller. Thanks.

  • José María Ruiz-Tapiador Guind

    Hi All

    Is retroarch compatible with icade cabinet?

    If it is possible could some one tell What steps I need to follow?


  • Oldschoolgamer

    When I load n64 games the controls do not appear on the screen they are invisible. Can someone please help me out? When I run PS1 the controls show up just fine. I am running the system on an Ipad.

    Thank you,

    • AndresSM

      You need to enable your overlay, it’s not enabled by default

  • Chris Thwaites

    First of all, what a program! The Wii compatibility is superb, running CPS2 so well seemed like a long lost dream. I do have just a couple of questions though.
    1) Do I need any Neo-Geo bios for Fatal Fury to run, and where would I put this? (I have the BIOS for a Neo-Geo console emulator, is it the same?)
    2) Any help with Prboom or TyrQuake setup is much appreciated (Do I require just the PC games, and where would I put these?)
    Thanks again!

    • AndresSM

      1. Yeah, you need it in the rom path. I don’t think Wii has enough memory for all neo-geo games, check the forum for more info

      • Chris Thwaites

        Yeah, I think I saw Neo-Geo rom limit is 24mb, about the same as GxGeo…

  • Emilio1770

    Sorry my friend but can you tell me how to get retroarchs new update on cydia, thanks

  • veritas_jk

    Hi I am big fan of your program on ps3. Can I adjust screen side?

  • Mayo Vera Luna

    Excuse does moga ace power can be used in retroarch?

  • Joe


  • Joe

    I downloaded digimon world for Nintendo ds but mame is available core for this games and it crashes why!!

    • AndresSM

      Auto detection is not perfect. Only desmume core works with NDS

  • Saqib2000

    How do you get ds emulator to work on retro arch? It doesn’t work for me.It says Failed to load content. Pls halp me

  • eyeon

    I’m using RetroArch on my s7800b. I was having issues with it crashing, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I can’t get it to recognize the gamepad now, I am able to load games but can figure out how to set the inputs, there isn’t alot in the options. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • AndresSM

      Android’s input driver is due a refactor,.
      With that said, in the Retroarch menu, under input you can remap your controller.

  • animez2

    hello, ive downloaded retroarch and played Legend of Zelda OOT for a while now, and everything was fine until this afternoon when i tried opening retroarch on iOS. BTW MY IDEVICE IS NON-JAILBROKEN, i do not wish to jailbreak as jailbreak is stupid and will destroy your device. anyway, the problem is that every time i try opening the app, it closes. so you open then it goes to a black screen and closes to return to iPad menu. i can’t open the app anymore?!. ALSO, how can i access the saves of the iOS device and extract them from my computer so i have a backup save file on my computer. i downloaded i explorer which enables you to access the app files and documents of iOS on the computer (with your idevice plugged in). please help as i don’t want to erase my data on zelda

    • AndresSM

      First of all, jailbreak won’t destroy your device. The Mupen core and PCSX-ReARMed are a lot faster with jailbreak since that allows the emulator to use the dynamic recompiler.

      Second, is the black screen problem with N64 only? or does it happen with every core?

      • animez2

        It crashes EVerytime I open retroarch, regardless of console, it crashes upon opening of ra app

        • Myrmeko Me

          Jailbreak… I cant believe people still dont have it. You can do so much stuff when jailbroken. Also install a ton more emulators and free/homebrew games.

      • animez2

        Is there a way I can access state saves of my ipad and transfer those saves onto my computer so I have backup saves copied to my computer. And if I delete retro arch and reinstall again, will deleting it delete all saved data on the file or will the files still be there (save States)

  • TechnoGod

    Can someone help me when I try to load a game on all cores it says “failed to load content”

    • AndresSM

      On what platform? some more info would be nice

      • TechnoGod

        iPad 2 on iOS 7.1

        • AndresSM

          what cores did you try? what games? what are their filenames.

          • TechnoGod

            I tried the N64 and the NDS I did unzip the game files and they still won’t load

          • Darnassus

            Make sure they’re .bin files.

  • Nathan Nicewonner

    hi I was wondering how do i work retro arch on the google nextbook because i have a few games that i want to play but they are meant for the computer

  • ProblematicMan

    Hi,after the new update I have a problem with the app on iPad Air. I try to load a psx game that before the update work well, and RA doesn’t load it with the error “Failed to load content”. My iPad insn’t JailBreak and I choose the ‘PlayStation 1 (NON-JB)(PCSX-ReARMed)’ core. How can i resolve this problem?

    • tony19950725

      Try jailbreaking it cause I play PSX games on my jailbroken Iphone 4s and they work.

    • RetroBoy

      That’s cause the libretro team didn’t code it. They also don’t support Emu4Ios builds :P

    • Kane

      There’s a fix availbale. I can provide..

    • Thecreeperman123

      Do you have the playstation bios files

      • Tesxhana King

        where do you put the bios in retroarch 1.2?

  • DarkZell

    I can’t seem to post a reply on the forum. am I the only one having trouble? I keep getting a 500 error

    • sincro

      idem. help

    • DarkZell

      I can’t seem to post a reply, create new post or even send a private message.

      Chrome just shows a blank page after a preview or submit.

      IE shows a 500 error

      I’ve tried it on 2 different computers now, is there something wrong with my account?

      • AndresSM

        nothing wrong with yout account, some plugin broke down integration between WP and the forum.

        • DarkZell

          Thanks for letting me know.

  • kdubz mcgeee

    Ahhh! Retroarch was working fantastically but now when a ROM is loaded up, the input overlay shows my homescreen with the button overlay on top instead of the black background and buttons. This looks ugly with my app icons in the back. Android 4.4.2 on the Nexus 5. Any suggestions or help??

  • sincro

    I can not write posts on the forum. I will return 500 error

    • sincro

      I think the problem affects only newly registered users

      • sincro

        I NEED to post gamepad code for Android but i always can’t post :-( help

        • AndresSM

          see…we know this is an issue now, it’s being looked at, just be patient

          • sincro


          • AndresSM

            it’s up now

          • sincro

            Is there any news?

  • Abbe

    Havin problem with the controllers on Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS, the joystick dont make my character move. Its on IPad air 7.0.4

    • AndresSM

      are you using an external controller? or just overlays?

      • Abbe

        Never mind, I just found it ;) Btw, im having problems with the Playstation 1 Emulator, i have bios in the hidden “.Retroarch” folder but it still wont load my ps1 games, it gives me error message “content failed to load”

        • Abbe

          Problem solved, It was a bad rom haha…

  • Cresendo

    Hey guys, I am using the app on my iPad Air, not jailbroken. None of the Sega CD ROMs will load. Please advise.

    • AndresSM

      games should be cue/bin or something like that, plain ISO won’t work. Also you need the SegaCD BIOS

      • Cresendo

        Thanks! Any advice on how to remedy that on my iPad?

        • AndresSM

          You need the correct bios files and the ISO images, you should find those on your favorite rom site

  • Jay

    Any tips on making N64 games less laggy on iOS?

    • Darnassus

      Depends on the game you play. If it’s something like Zelda Ocarina of Time, it’ll lag due to the large draw distance and rendering when entering large areas such as Hyrule Field.

    • Anonymous

      What iOS device do you use? Be specific.

  • OmniBlade

    I seem to be suffering from the inability to post to the forum bug, so I’ll ask here. Is it possible to enable progressive output in mednafen rather than interlaced? Some games have menus or scenes where the interlacing artifacts are quite obvious in mednafen where they aren’t PCSX reARMed. I’m using the linux PPA from hunterk if that makes any difference.

  • Rich Hutnik

    I am curious how to get more than one controller to work with RetroArch on a Nvidia shield. Rather than lug around my older systems and games, it would be able to do this with RetroArch.

  • nikkome

    Finally, I’ll get to watch old shows with a CRT-like filter :D

  • Dwedit

    The message board seems to be broken, I just get a blank white screen whenever I try to post.

    • AndresSM


      • Darnassus

        Message Board is broken still I think, new posts don’t appear at the top. One I made appears halfway down the list.

        • AndresSM

          it’s below sticky posts

  • mehegama

    Hi all,
    Because I can’t post on the forum (the 500 error, plz fix it) I m posting it here and I hope someone will help me. I got the ipega 9025 and have an issue with the n64. I connect it normally via the ios bluetooth and as the retroarch has only icade and keyboard mode i can connect it with B (icade) or A (keyboard) mode. Now while both modes work perfectly with snes, gba etc, i have a major issue in N64. In icade mode the right analog stick does not function by default so i cannot use/map the C buttons. In keyboard mode while it registers everything (including both analogs) and after I check and clear for duplicates in the meta keys section that might freeze the app, the buttons and dpad work but neither of the 2 analogs work. When i tried it in Windows 7 and I assigned keys to the 2 analogs it worked fine. I would be grateful if someone knows how to fix that issue. Why don’t you add a joystick mode (the X-mode) that supposedly includes everything properly like true analog sticks.

    • AndresSM

      forum’s fixed

  • Abbe

    Hi, how do i get the Nintendo DS touch screen to work? (Running on a jailbroken iPad Air 7.0.4)

  • Abbe

    Does retroarch on IOS have PS3 / PS4 controller support?

    • AndresSM


      • Abbe

        I cant get it to work with my PS4 controller, could you please help me?

        • AndresSM

          I know DS3 works… but I don’t own an iDevice sorry mate

  • Shuu Shirakawa

    Hi people. I have an issue with the app running on my HiSense Sero 7 LT. Everytime I load a core and a rom, the RGUI appears, with all the basic RGUI controls “unknown” and being unable to press (or type) ok/accept or anything else. No keyboards are shown. Android version: 4.1.1. Am I doing something wrong? Or something I miss?

    • AndresSM

      You need to enable an overlay con settings/input

      • Shuu Shirakawa

        Thanks! Solved!

  • Unknown

    I’m on ios 7.1.1 iPhone 5. I’m not jailbroken no more. Prior to updating to ios 7.1.1, retroarch worked well jailbroken. I installed retroarch from emu4ios and indeed it does work on my non jailbroken iPhone. I just hate the fact that I have to set the date back every time I reboot my phone. It’s really annoying. So what I tried to do is sign retroarch with zeusmos just like I did to every other emulator. After signing retroarch and installing to my iPhone…. I opened RA and it failed to load every single rom from all cores. This retroarch ipa is from emu4ios. Then I grabbed a hold of the zipped retroarch from libretro (Download section from this website). I converted it to an ipa and loaded it to zeusmos to sign and install. When I open RA and try to load any rom it just crashes. I even tried retroarch.deb from cydia and converted it to an ipa and it just won’t load any roms. What I’m I doing rom? Other emulators like snes9x and such work after signing them with zeusmos. Retroarch doesn’t……??? Any ideas? RA only works if installed from emu4ios. I just can’t figure out why RA doesn’t work when I sign it. Does something happen to the cores when I upload and sign it through zeusmos? Or do I need to compile RA another way? I don’t have a Mac and the tools to compile. Zeusmos is the only way I can think off.

    • AndresSM

      I guess you need to sign the cores too

      • Unknown

        But how do I do that????

  • SaberWolfXM

    Sorry if this has been asked before but what Playstation disk format does retroarch support. I’ve tried .iso, .ecm, .bin +.cue, disk image file and .mdf + .mds. I have the bios in the system folder and I select the ps1 mednafen core then go to load content but when I get to where there located nothings there. I’m using the megapack 64 version on win 7. Thanks for the help.

    • AndresSM

      You need SCPH5000, SCPH5001, SCPH5002 for mednafen.
      Use bin/cue images

  • Samuel Bryant

    I cant seem to get it to work with my PS3 controller on Mac OS X. Anybody have an success with this?

    • Squarepusher

      It will definitely work on the latest version at least – due to be released by the end of next week or so. I have at least tested it with a DS3 connected over USB and it works fine.

  • Marleny Pena

    Hi, i dowloaded retroarch from on my iphone 4s and the only problem i have is that the roms it seen very slow on any core, i try to configure the frame options and its all fullspeed,but it dosen’t work, how can i fix this? my device is non-jailbroken because i have ios 7.1 and i can’t :(

    • AndresSM

      Sorry mate, no support is given to the non-jb version

  • Darnassus

    Hey there, I’m playing Abe’s Exoddus. How do I change to Disc 2 when the game prompts me? I put in Disc 2 by loading it, but it then asks me to put in Disc 1. Can anyone help me out?

    • AndresSM

      I think you can add disks to disc index, then you have to use the eject key to eject the disc and change for the next one.
      That works in mednafen-psx at least… not sure about PCSX-ReARMed

  • Darnassus

    Hey there. I’ve got RetroArch on my iPhone, but I’m playing a game Abe’s Exoddus and it’s a two-part game. When you finish with the first Disc, it asks to insert Disc 2. I go out and load Disc 2, but then it asks to insert Disc 1.

    It seems it wants me to have Disc 1 loaded, then make a ‘special transition’ to Disc 2, not just exit RetroArch and load the second bin file.

    P.S. I tried ‘queueing’ the second disc, but it doesn’t work. (Through Disc Options)

    • Ahmed Alkindi

      Hi there I think I can help you when you are at the screen that needs to swap to disk 2 then you need to open retroarch menu the green menu and browse to settings and then disk options after that disk image append and browse your disk no 2 then it will boot and enjoy

      • greg

        Hi ! Thanks for your explication, really helpful. But now when i quit the game, I can’t find back my last save. Should i load disk 1 or 2 ? Thanks

    • Ahmed Alkindi

      If the first method didn’t work try to get an eboot for your game the eboot will have both disks mixed and from the option you have to change the disk number only

  • Joshua Ulrich

    Is there any chance that you guys will be adding support for 3rd party dualshock 3 controllers on ios? my controller works perfect with snes9x, but won’t sync with retroarch. thanks for all the hard work!

  • Willem

    Hi I have a problem loading n64 games on ios 7.1.1 I’m using non-jail broken and after I unzipped the file it puts it in .z64 and when I try opening it, it says failed to load content. Is there something else I need to do. Ps1 games work for me but none of my n64 games do.

    • Willem

      Oh and I’m using retroarch

      • AndresSM

        there is no such version, we’re at now

    • Willem

      Does anyone know what I can do to fix this

      • AndresSM

        Sorry mate, no support is given to the ad-ridden non-jb version

  • Seishirou

    Hi , i already download Retro Arch on my Iphone 5 , i tried to load psx game and it doesnt work , it keep saying failed to load content , how can i solve this problem ? Thanks before :)

  • Nate Bailey

    I just downloaded RA to my iPad 3, 7.1.2 jailbroken with Pangu. It works with SNES and GBA, but PSX is incredibly slow and choppy, and N64 ROMs crash the app anytime they’re loaded. I’ve familiarized myself with GUI, but I can’t seem to find anything on any forum regarding my issues.

    Any help? Thanks in advance.

    • AndresSM

      Check the forums, there is some permissions issue with that jailbreak causing some cores to fail

      • Chris Hass

        Strangely, I have the same iOS and jailbreak, but with an iPad 2, and while I’ve only tested Banjo-Kazooie for N64, that runs fine with some mild slowdown here and there.

  • cody


    • AndresSM

      Some more info would be a nice start

  • Mickxiii

    Hey folks, I’ve tried v. , , and most recently On my JB iPhone 5s through multiple cydia sources. I have placed the bios schp 1001 in multiple locations, lowered the casing, and modded the permissions, but no matter what I do I cannot get the pcsx rearmed core to play any ps1 games. As soon as I try to load a rom, the screen goes black for a split second and then immediately boots me out to my homepage. Any help would be most appreciated

  • Lurch

    Can I ask for one small thing? When you’re browsing for content, can we have left and right as Page-Up/Page-Down? When the lists get long, the scrolling gets longer :(

    • AndresSM

      you can use / on your keyboard to search but it sounds like a good idea

      • Lurch

        Ahh; sorry – should have been more specific. I was referring to gamepad/Shield/JXD/iCade use more than anything. Scrolling like that = painful.

        • AndresSM

          I don’t think this will be well received since Left / Right are used for something else in RGUI but I’ll open an issue about it

          • Lurch

            mame4droid is a good example. So just the Load Content list where you’re actually browsing through folders/files

          • AndresSM

            turns out left right to scroll faster is already implemented. Not sure if it’s on the current release version

  • rkm

    [REQUEST] Can you implement Google Chrome support for TV Mode?

  • membrillo69

    Hi there, i need some help guys,
    i was trying to setup my emulator for nintendo 64, but i messed up and i ruined all the games,
    can you help me to configure all core, video, paths settings please!

  • gingerlordy

    Hi im currently running retroarch on my ipad 4 and am trying tomplay persona 1 on it. It plays the opening sequence and when it says press any button to contine it then says checking memory card and doesnt do anything else. Plz help!!! Loving the emulator so far :)

  • curtis baker

    Great emulator but I hope they could update it to support GameCube or ps2 games I know they have roms for it on

    • AndresSM

      Please don’t link to ROM sites. Also, this is not an emulator. It’s a platform.

      Supporting a console is not trivial. If there are any good standalone emulators for a platform then it’s doable. Dolphin might come eventually but PCSX2 is in such a bad state atm that I don’t think it will be any time soon.

  • bWWd

    I dont know what happened with it but suddenly snes and nes cores stopped working on android probperly and none of the games work, also retroarch keeps unpackjing nes and smc files from zips which is strange and the files have 0 kb of size.You know it would be great to have reset to default settings and remove current settings so its like fresh install, maybe it would help because these cores worked before and for no reason they dont work with any game now., also in newest android build some cores like FBA are missing, very weird.

  • QuestionDude


    Is there ever going to be net-play on gbc , gba emulators?

  • cody

    when i start up mario 64 and try to walk it dosnt let me

  • Santi VS Cupcake

    hi everyone, if someone can be help me please? would be great!! i have a dell mini 1018 and when i open retroarch i get both windows but the menu wont come up just a white screen, on top says no core..does anybody knows whats wrong? Thank you.

    • Howard Stroud

      I’m having the same problem and have even tried downloading cores and putting them in a /cores folder like i’ve seen in other setups and still nothing

  • Кирилл Грибцов

    Unfortunately, I noticed that not all games support this emulator on ios (Air, itouch 5). So parasite eve 2 freezes at the beginnig at the same place (tried different version but didn’t help).
    What’s the problem?

    Thank you for attention. Kirill Gribtsov.

  • klepp0906

    Failed to load content on sega cd images. The bios files are in the same directory and the bios files will load themselves, not the games however.

    This is on ios. Any ideas?

  • klepp0906

    Anyone able to explain how to run sega cd games on ios version of retroarch? I have the bin file (2 of them so I can verify it isn’t the game) and I have the bios files all properly names and in the same folder as the game(s). I’ve tried with both the picodrive and genplus core… Both give me “failed to load content” Argh!

  • Giggles

    help please. i got retroarch and it works great, im on an itouch 5g and have ios 7.1.2, if it matters i used pangu to jailbreak, i spent 10 bucks on a ps3 remote and hooked it up to my idevice but when i go int game, the controller layout is completely WACK, it makes it very frustrating to play, i tried it on other apps i have and it works fine, but with retroarch my controls are like triangle to move forward and circle to move back and l1 to jump, and up is to crouch, (on super mario bros) and i just end up playing with the layout on the screen because it is so frustrating, is there a way to fix this?

    • Chris Hass

      I’m not sure has Controllers For All support. You can try changing the bindings under Input Settings or wait a week or two to see if 1.1 has support.

  • Spence

    Hi, I have downloaded the iOS zip file from your download page… How do I install?

  • Spence

    I am using a jail broken iPad 2 running iOS 7.0.4

  • Spence

    I am using an iPad 2 running iOS 7.0.4 jailbroken… When I try to install retroarch from cydia I get the following error…. Failed to create or access base directory: var/mobile/documents

    Can someone please help?

    • AndresSM

      Please have some patience…
      Not sure about your iOS issue, I think the best would be to wait for 1.1 in a few weeks.

  • Spence

    I had it previously installed and now comes up with this error… Worked fine previously! How can I completely uninstall and reinstall? (Cydia uninstall has not fixed the issue) thanks

  • samii

    Does anybody know if it is possible to map physical keys to buttons in game, primarily looking for a way to map Z button to an iphone volume key.

  • Chris Hass

    I really enjoy RetroArch, even more now that I’ve found I can easily connect a wiimote+classic controller to the iOS version and play even N64 games with a performance normally found on a PC. Just one simple question: I have a jailbroken iPad 2, so would it be possible to run Banjo-Tooie on it? Banjo-Kazooie runs fine barring some slowdown, but nothing game-breaaking

    • Chris Hass

      It seems that Banjo-Tooie does not work, the farthest I’ve gone in it is past the intro title screen before it boots me to the Home screen. It could be because I’m using an iPad 2.

  • Satya Pramana

    Hi, I get the retroarch from is there newer version than this? i used this before on 10.2.1 and it connect automatically with Moga Pro but after using it on 10.3 the emulator still work and detected the controller but I cant use the controller

  • Adrienne Harris Wallette

    I have an issue on Android when trying to save a GBA game that requires 128k flash. I cannot find a way to access the emulator setting within the app. Is there any way to change this setting?

  • Enemy72

    Hey just downloaded this. And am having trouble playing the adventures of willy beamish. Sega cd game rom. Always ‘stops’ while trying to load

  • Anonymous

    Someone please help me. Every time I go onto Retroarch (which I have for ios) a little message comes up saying Failed to create or access system directory: /Var/Mobile/Documents/.RetroArch
    What do I do? I really would like to use the app. I’ve tried removing it and reinstalling from Cydia but that didn’t work. Again, help me out please.

  • AnonymousMan

    Is it possible to connect emulators to play in multiplayer mode or multiplayer games

  • Aurion_black

    I am having trouble with the NDS core on my IOS device. I have a gotten a jailbroken version of it from cydia. I’ve loaded a Pokemon diamond Rom and it’s loaded as far as the title screen before the screen goes black. I’ve got a retroarch version for a non-jailbroken device and loaded that with the same rom. It works perfectly fine but there is no way to input the touch commands as far as I can tell. If ever of these problems could be fixed I would be really glad.

  • qwerrty

    I can’t get a controller on my phone screen, do i need to do something else for that?

    • AndresSM

      You need to enable one in input overlays

      • qwerrty

        how do i do that? lol sorry im a real noob with emulators

      • qwerrty

        Im new to the whole emulator thing could you be more specific?

  • Gabe Young

    I can’t download retroarch from any of the sites even after I updated to I OS 8 and set the date back to 2012, what should I do?

  • Kausv

    Hi, where can I download the PS3 version? And it will run N64 games?

  • retroben

    A Dolphin core would be amazing if I could run it on Fire TV’s Adreno.
    If only there was a version of Dolphin with ES 2.0 so more devices could run it.
    Maybe Qualcomm chips could actually run it since ES 2.0 is less broken in the Adreno chips than the 3.0 version.

    Eagerly waiting for RetroArch 1.1 to come out in hopes that controls are fixed and that I might be able to run at least 1pass 5xBR shader in 5x resolution at a full speed level.

    I say full speed “level” because emus like N64,Saturn,and NDS are slow in their current state.
    Even simpler emulator cores can get slow with enough shader usage in the current RetroArch.
    Please let the N64 core be faster and have Rice fixed.

    I am also deeply interested in cheats support on Retroarch.

  • Matt Cavanaugh

    I have a iPhone 5s I try going to website and it’s forbidden and the files won’t get me anything what do I do

  • Ganoorni

    i have jailbroken ipad
    it doesnt work on MAME 2003. it crashes after load content. (after choosing the .zip)

    • Ganoorni


  • Patrick

    I can’t register for the forum due to some kind of bug. Does anyone else get occasional horrible audio/visual jerkiness? Everything runs smoothly for about 30 minutes and then retroarch gets this weird seizure that lasts 1-2 seconds.

    I’m running nestopia core on Win 7. In graphics card I have vsync set to “adaptive,” triple buffer ON and optimize threaded driver ON. Maximum pre-rendered frames is set to “use application setting.” In retroarch I set vsync to OFF, vsync frames to 1, hard gpu sync ON, gpu sync frames 0, and threaded driver OFF.

    Don’t know if it’s necessary since I have adaptive vsync enabled, but I went into the config and changed video_refresh_rate to “60,” which is what it’s set to in my graphics card control panel.

    Is there some setting I need to change or could the a/v seizure be caused by some background process I need to disable?

    • AndresSM

      You shouldn’t need to tweak anything on the nvidia control panel. Besides, those settings only affect GL, not D3D, not sure if you are using GL.

      Sync frames 0 is quite demanding from my experience, but with nestopia it shouldn’t happen.

      Anyway threaded driver is not intended to play well with the other settings, threaded driver is for weaker platforms were rendering can’t keep up with the emulation. Shouldn’t be the case on decent x86 hardware.

      Disable that and rewind, and reset nvidia CP settings to the defaults.. and try the GL driver, those are my suggestions.

      • Patrick

        Hi, thanks for replying.

        I confirmed that I am using GL in retroarch.

        ok my default nvidia settings are:

        Triple buffering: off (isn’t this going to add input lag if I leave it off?)

        Vertical sync: use the application setting

        Threaded optimization: auto

        Maximum pre-rendered frames: use application setting

        I turned off threaded driver in retroarch and disabled rewind.

        Something isn’t right now though, because now I am getting frequent audio/visual skips, like every 10 seconds or so.

        Do I need to disable threaded driver in nvidia?

        • AndresSM

          Triple buffering isn’t magic, and actually increases latency by one frame.. doesn’t benefit input lag at all (three buffers vs two with double-buffered v-sync)., it’s somewhat goot to optimize game performance (with double-buffered vsync game could only run at 60, 30 or 15 fps IIRC, with triple buffering the system can access the pending buffer while waiting for the vertical
          retrace. With double buffering, a swap can stall the graphics pipeline)

          With threaded driver I thought you meant in RetroArch. I never tweak nvidia settings unless I get bad performance. Not much to be gained there. I’d just set everything to defaults (application decides) and check elsewhere for the bottleneck.

          • Patrick

            Hmm. Yeah, I’m getting frequent small a/v skips with the suggested settings. However, I think I may have solved the problem by leaving threaded driver OFF in both nvidia and retroarch. I need to leave it running for about an hour to really be sure, but I think that’s the culprit.

            I am SO confused about triple buffering – about half of what I read suggests that it reduces input latency with vsync, half says the opposite and that it adds latency.

          • AndresSM

            you need to post your hardware specs.
            triple buffering… adds a third buffer. Doesn’t do anything input related.

            It might be a an oversimplification but basically your actions are one frame further behind than with double-buffering (it causes display latency) and thus your actions will be delayed a bit too..

            For many games I guess it’s a non-issue. For others it could be.

          • Patrick

            Here are my hardware specs:

            Pentium Dual Core CPU T4400 @ 2.2 GHz
            4 GB Memory
            Windows 7 64 Bit
            Nvidia GeForce 9300 With PureVideo HD hardware decoder

          • AndresSM

            Well you’re quite hardware limited then… nestopia should be fine though.
            Are you using shaders? in that case try without, and maybe your laptop is overheating hence throttling for a bit.

          • Patrick

            I am only using the single pass shader have default filter set to “linear.”

            Just recently applied Arctic Silver and have used Core Temp to verify my cpu temp is within spec.

            It’s a 5 year old HTPC but I should be able to handle all systems up to the late 90s, correct? (Playstation 1, N64). I haven’t tried anything but nestopia yet.

            I *think* I’ve eliminated the problem. I just tested out Super Mario Bros and played for 45 minutes with no problems at all- no tearing, no (detectable) input lag, no hiccups/jerkiness, no a/v convulsions. Sweet!

            these are the settings I’m using now:

            in graphics card CP:
            triple buffering: ON
            vsync: ON
            Threaded optimization: OFF
            pre rendered frames: use the application setting

            in retroarch:
            vsync: OFF
            hard gpu sync: ON
            gpu sync frames: 0
            threaded driver: OFF

            So, the only difference vs. my original configuration that I posted is that I changed vsync from “adaptive” to “on” in the CP, and changed optimize threaded driver from “on” to “off” in the CP.

            I think maybe nvidia was forcing threaded driver on with my initial config. I’ll have to do one more test to determine if it was adaptive vsync causing the problem or optimize threaded driver.

          • AndresSM

            Well those settings look pretty terrible imho… what makes RA great is it’s syncing capabilities but you’re letting the driver handle vsync.

            A few comments:
            nvidia cp:
            triple buffering: ON ok I guess the latency might not be an issue, I’d go for OFF, it’s no silver bullet
            vsync: ON hmmm I’d set this to application setting
            threaded optimization: doesn’t really matter

            vsync: ON
            hard gpu sync: ON
            sync frames: 1 (your gpu might be too weak for 0, the reason it’s working fine now might be because RA’s vsync is off)
            threaded driver: OFF

            Anyway… whatever works for you!! just my 2 cents, I just think messing with the driver settings shouldn’t be necessary with RA

          • Patrick

            Ok, I tried these settings and now I get slightly choppy scrolling AND the occasional A/V seizure. I think maybe I’m just in a unique situation hardware-wise. :-/

  • Jondoe

    Great app but i can’t seem to get any sega cd rom files to play.i read you need bin and cue files and i managed to find some but everytime i try load ANY sega cd rom it force closes retroarch..any ideas?i also forgot to mention that i have the sega cd bios and as far as am aware it needs to be in the same directory as the roms (is that within the individual rom folder itself or just in the directory where roms are kept)any help with this would be greatly appreciated..nicesums app

  • Beus

    How do i get ra on ios 8 non jb will it be possible

  • undeadbobop

    RetoArch violates GPLv3 by applying additional restrictions and extending on the licencees with other sub licences with the additional software that is included with it and does not provide a means of which to not include the Non-GPLv3 software. Look under section 10 of the GPLv3 for more information on this violation. By including things like Snes x9 which applies the restriction of non-commercial use, and additional software these overall additional licencees it does not allow section 0 and several others to be allowed to be followed.

    • AndresSM

      It’s RetroArch.
      Also RetroArch doesn’t apply any further restrictions.
      Two weeks later… You’re still failing.

      • undeadbobop


        • AndresSM

          I repeat, Retroarch AS A PROJECT doesn’t violate anything. It’s not a violation unless it’s distributed.

          Megapacks bundles created by the community with all the working cores and posted on the site for convenience. And as you can see those are pretty old. Retroarch is not violating anything.

          Retroarch android does ask you to remove non-gpl cores the first time you run it. If it doesn’t for you then you’re using some older version or maybe you’re into some kind of homebrew koolaid.

          You said NO, don’t delete them, then your problem not mine.

          You should really learn to spell check by the way.

          Hyperkin’s case is completely different:

          – They used modified Retroarch code without ever releasing source code
          – They use non-commercial cores in a commercial product
          – They misled people by making them think they developed everything from scratch

          I didn’t delete anything btw. Even your latest post was automarked as spam, I guess you’re are troll on many communities or you’ve been downvoted a lot.

          • undeadbobop

            I repeat, Retroarch AS A PROJECT does violate the licencees it is under, it is licensed under GPLv3 and contains NON-GPLv3 software that apply ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS. It is not compatible with GPLv3 due to that. Do you even bother to read before you reply?

            “homebrew koolaid”- Guess the libarch published version on googleplay is homebrew koolaid.

            “You should really learn to spell check by the way.” You should really learn to take your own advise. If that is your only excuse.

            “I didn’t delete anything btw. Even your latest post was automarked as spam, I guess you’re are troll on many communities or you’ve been downvoted a lot.” Downvoting doesn’t result in deletion of comments.
            Also “automarked” isn’t a word it is 2 words.
            You deleted them not even 5 minuets after they were posted, and it was addressed to you. Next time I am screen capping it for you because it seems you like to use excuses.

          • AndresSM

            You didn’t understand the koolaid reference…

            RetroArch doesn’t contain any cores.

            Check the code, make sure you understand what you’re discussing before coming here.

            RetroArch is a frontend to many cores that MAY or NOT be bundled together as binaries. RetroArch AS A PROJECT doesn’t violate any licenses.

            Again. I didn’t delete anything. Suit yourself

          • undeadbobop

            RetroArch Contains many “cores” it includes it. Now you are just playing dumb.

            I can see with you I’m going to get no where, you will continue to play dumb.

            All you will do is continue to delete comments claim I am trolling or something dumb like that. Claim I am wrong while completely ignoring that it includes several violations of the licensees and criticize people for using RetroArch commercially claiming they are violating licencees with software you include with RetroArch to try to claim it is some how not violating when it plain and simply is. While you guys DEMAND they ask you guys for permission while you continue to use a licencees that gives them permission to do so.

            Yes hyperkin screwed up but the screw up was more so from your guys distributions of it. Cores included with it. Should they have read the licensees on them, hell yes, but you act all sun shine innocent of the matter when the fact is you guys violate the licencees.

            Read section 10 of the GPLv3 or don’t bother responding.

          • AndresSM

            No it doesn’t.

            RetroArch works just fine with ZERO cores.

            You claim to be a dev but you don’t know what linking means. I’ve told you many times how things work and what is being done to address those concerns. But concerns or not RetroArch doesn’t violate anythin.

            And I haven’t deleted anything but I’m banning you now (as in your face, not behind curtains without saying I will).

            See ya.

  • Veltmouse

    Sorry to bother anyone, but I seem to have a problem with the latest version for the Wii homebrew (that would be version If I unzip the file and put it on my SD card under sd:/apps/retroarch-wii) and try to start it up, nothings happens. Either the Wii freezes with a black screen or the app returns to the Homebrew homescreen.
    And I have the latest version for Android downloaded (the old version 0.9 apparently doesn’t show up in my google play store list anymore for an update) and installed it, but am I correct to say that there is no more overlay buttons on the screen for playing (ie. a psx controller overlay or snes controller overlay).
    Thanks in advance for anyone’s time to answer these questions

    • AndresSM is ancient by now, should come out for desktop tomorrow or on sunday. Next week mobile devices if everything goes as planned and after that consoles.

      My advice is to wait a bit.

      • Veltmouse

        Thnx for getting back to me. No problem in waiting a bit, but (sorry for saying it like this) that doesn’t answer my question yet about the problem I have when I want to load version (or even version for that matter) which either freezes my Wii console or the the app jumps back to the Homebrew screen and doesn’t load up the Retroarch menu.
        (I have installed the Homebrew channel through Return of the Jodi, but I suppose that should not matter, does it, how the channel is installed??)
        Again, much appreciated for your work. Your app with collection of emulators is the only one really that is working properly on my Wii or Galaxy tab 2.
        Thanks once again for your time getting back to me.

        • AndresSM

          It’s ok, I understand I didn’t answer your question.
          What I mean is that since it’s so old I don’t think anyone will be willing to test it as it was back then.

  • Jacob Panas

    Hello I’m wondering if the devs or retro arch need to update retro arch because I’ve jailbroke iOS 8 on my device with Cydia and retro arch works fine all accept n64 part of it I’ve tried several roms and their not working it loads for 1 sec then crashes not sure if that’s iOS 8 jailbreak or just an error I’m doing wrong

  • Chase R

    I downloaded this on a jailbroken iOS 8.1 iPad air and when I click on a game to play it crashes. Let me know if this is or isn’t fixed and when it will be. Thanks.

    Edit1: I forgot this is version

  • Makeway

    Hi can you add fastforward button like in ppsspp emulator?

    • AndresSM

      it’s been there for ages, it’s space by default on PC

  • Nowhere

    Heya, I wanted to post this in the bug thread but it seems activation emails for new users are deactivated…

    The mute hotkey on the beta and all nightly builds after on Win64 seems to be broken: it mutes but it won’t unmute, even through the rgui menu.

    If you mute and unmute ONLY from the rgui menu it works.

    This seems to only occur when xaudio is the selected audio driver. Dsound and sdl2 haven’t produced this problem on either of my computers.

    • AndresSM

      what’s your forum username?

      • Nowhere


        • AndresSM

          not sure why mails aren’t getting there but you’re activated, please post on the thread and sorry for the inconvenience

          • Nowhere

            Thanks, much appreciated.

  • Shnila

    Is Retroarch not compatible with iOS 8? I just jailbroke a few days ago, but I can not get the correct controller for Genesis or Game Gear games. I tried to change them through system config, but its just not part of the options menu (when hitting the “invisible button”

  • jesus donado

    Quisiera saber, si eso funciona: King Of Fighters 94, 95, 96, 97,98,99,2000,2001,2002 and 2003.

  • Damian Pinnington

    Hi, I tried to register on the forum using 2 different emails but, I didn’t receive any email to confirm registration.

    • netux79

      I have the same issue… in this case I used a yahoo email and I didn’t receive the confirmation email but then I tried a gmail account and it worked. Hope that helps you.

      • Damian Pinnington

        Thanks I tried hotmail and gmail with no luck.

    • AndresSM

      What’s your forum user?

      • Damian Pinnington


        • Radius4

          ok you’re activated

  • Francis

    Would be possible to add CHD support for all cores besides of Mame/Mess?

    • Radius4

      that needs to be supported by the core itself, not by RetroArch

  • hatepeoplewithfakecompassion

    Hi, i had a problem with a PSX game ‘Brigandine Legend of Forsena’ the start menu kept looping and after i get through that, i cannot select any country and i am automatically forced to use iscalio only so is there any way to get through that…

  • Michael

    Every Time I go to load a Nintendo ds game on it it causes my jail broken iOS 8.1 iPhone to crash but I could load anything else and it works just fine

    • Radius4

      There are some issues with JIT and iOS 8 JB.
      Apple doesn’t like JIT (recompilers)

  • SteveyMcJones

    Hello, I’ve recently downloaded retroarch for my iPhone 4s running on 8.1. When I try to play a Nintendo 64 game, 1) the only buttons that work are A, B, and START, and 2) there are no n64 controller buttons, as in Z and the C buttons. I connected a wii remote to see if the controlling buttons would work, but retroarch doesn’t seem to recognize that a wii remote is connected. Any help is welcomed.

    • Radius4

      Select a different overlay (n64.cfg works quite well)

  • MrGoingHam

    Retroarch works for Gamecube and Xbox but not PS2??

    • Radius4

      well noone has ported to PS2

  • Carlo Pepi

    How do I get the apk with the mame cores init the ones here and in the play store lack mame and FBA cores cheers Caz

  • CODhaloVET

    Hi im using retroarch on iPhone 6 plus jb and the overlay Seems to be offset (n64 with n64 overlay). Is there a quick fix for this or will there be a fix for it in the upcoming retroarch update?

  • Zack

    My ISOs won’t show up in their directory in disk append….

    • Radius4

      I think you need cue+bin for that, what core? and what RA version?

      • Zack

        Never mind, I got the “save file rename” trick to work

  • Myrmeko Me

    How about adding Pocketstation and VMU cores?
    It would be really cool to play DOOM on those two. Yes, somebody have actually made DOOM for those.

    And the best thing you could ever do… How about making separate a Xbox emulator? I know it sounds crazy… But think about it. The first Xbox emualtor on Android. And you made it. :)

    • Radius4

      an XBOX emulator is far from trivial

  • Spectre

    Hi everyone, When I start a psx game with the ‘PlayStation 1 (ReARMed)’ core, it works fine and I can play without any issues. If I then load a state the game still works perfectly fine in the background, but the buttons don’t respond. I can see the characters moving and the audio is still working, but I cannot do anything. I’m using an IPOD Touch 4th gen. Any suggestions?

  • Spectre

    Hi everyone, When I start a psx game with the ‘PlayStation 1 (ReARMed)’
    core, it works fine and I can play without any issues. If I then load a
    state the game still works perfectly fine in the background, but the
    buttons don’t respond. I can see the characters moving and the audio is
    still working, but I cannot do anything. I’m using an IPOD Touch 4th
    gen. Any suggestions?

  • Spectre

    Hi everyone, When I start a psx game with the ‘PlayStation 1 (ReARMed)’
    core, it works fine and I can play without any issues. If I then load a
    state the game still works perfectly fine in the background, but the
    buttons don’t respond. I can see the characters moving and the audio is
    still working, but I cannot do anything. I’m using an IPOD Touch 4th
    gen. Any suggestions?

  • Zack

    Does the MAME core actually work on some sort of settings? I always crash whenever I try to use it.
    RA Ver.: Cydia)
    iOS 8.1
    iPod Touch 5G

  • Cristian Gabriel Emanuel D’alm

    I’ve a problem, when I load any content I don’t have any way to input (I don’t have any external controller and it doesn’t show any overlay button/s). Am I missing some obvious setting or something?

  • Alex

    I’m having a problem with the fast forward function on the quick menu. I click on it and nothing happens. Although the save state and pretty much everything else works. I’m using a non jail broken iOS. Do I need to go into configuration and change some setting or something along those lines? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Mars

    RetroArch version 1.02 . Emulator screen display doesn’t work with IPhone 6 Plus. Screen doesn’t display the full screen. It work on IPhone 6, 5S, ipad mini 2 using IOS 7.1.2 or IOS 8.1 RetroArch will not work on PlayStation games. Other games yes. IPhone 6 Plus will open PlayStation games and all other games but the Display is not full screen. Have you tested on IPhone 6 Plus ? on IOS 8.1 and IOS 8.11 I did and it still doesn’t work. PPSSPP the updated has been fixed. for a month now. Put RetroArch is still not fix. If you have any advise of making it work please let me know. So far RetroArch fail the test for IPhone 6 Plus. And Ipad Mini 2 on PlayStation ROMs games

  • Muse

    I just downloaded the retroarch for windows 8.1. The program opens up fine, I can move up and down the menu but I cannot select anything, please help.

    • emarleau90

      If you’re using the keyboard try pressing the “x” button.

  • Rowan

    The iOS version of RetroArch needs to have iPhone 6 Plus support, as the screen and controls are messed up.

  • kleinhendrixthecool

    Im honestly hoping for an update for IOS version, as majority of N64 and PS1 games don’t work! Parasite Eve 2 is an example, which just freezes at the beginning. I am enjoying the emulator so far, but needs to be updated

  • Aedrex

    How do I make the games run faster?

    • Radius4

      What do you mean?

      • Aedrex

        They lag like crazy. I’m using snes9x and playing starfox and yoshi’s island on my Kyocera (an android phone).

        • Micechal

          The first thing would be to use the nightly builds instead of stable, which is about 9 months old by now. Then you could enable threaded video if that isn’t already turned on, use the nearest interpolation for sound and video output (no idea how much these affect the performance, but should probably be faster by a bit).
          If you don’t care about the sound, you could just as well disable it completely.

          If none of these works, you should try the “catsfc” core, which is based off an older version of snes9x and should be more performant.

          What do you mean by “lag like crazy” too? Have you run it with the framerate counter turned on? If you were getting around 40-50 fps on snes9x, chances are it would be able to achieve 60 fps on catsfc.

  • Jlosada2222

    Please make iPhone 6 plus update!!!

  • Kai Demarco

    WHere is ok? On android I try to open a game but it comes up with instructions and tells me to press acept/ok and i dont know what to press?

    • Radius4

      A/B are OK/CANCEL

  • Jlosada2222

    Can you guys please make an iPhone 6 plus update?!?!

    • Radius4

      work is being done, but none of us have one and we haven’t yet released

    • mistaoononymous

      See post above

  • magica12

    will there be a version for kindle?

  • magica12

    will the app version see a kindle release?

  • Chris Hass

    I need help with RetroArch PSP. I have the Jan. 7th 2015 nightly build, and when I try to play an NES game, the game shows in a heavy yellow tint and is slowed down to ~40-45 FPS. Is there something wrong, or is this part of the whole nightly thing?

  • NFWU

    Please do not get me wrong, I greaty appreciate the developers’ work. However, the release times are misestimated an awful lot.
    In my case, I am basically just waiting for the Controllers for All support on iOS, which probably was implemented months ago. I really feel releases should not be held back in order to make the actual next one bigger.
    Keep up the good work though!

    • mistaoononymous

      Retro arch works great with my PS3 controller, you just need to fiddle around the the input settings of each emulator.

  • metalex

    hi is avaible soon ppsspp on xbox?
    and request for pcsx2,wii,xbox1 emulators

  • theador0691

    Is there a fix for the Iphone 6 plus screen issue?

    • mistaoononymous

      See post above.

  • Sigi Franco

    You guys need to fix the iphone 6 plus issue I like his software & everything but sadly I can’t use my powerfull phone to play anything because the screen is not right it’s busted also I’m on 8.1.2

    • Radius4

      Need to?
      aaanyway…. I need a tester… Might not work at all and it’s a highly experimental build. Try this.
      I couldn’t get it to work in my iPad 1

      • Sigi Franco

        Can’t download it won’t let me

      • theador0691

        I don’t mind testing it or any builds for you. How would I copy the file to my phone (it is jailbroken and has the current version of Retroarch on it from the cydia store). I have the 6+.

    • mistaoononymous

      I copied this from Reversed-transcript’s post on Reddit, it works great-Ive been able to get the PSX emulator (and possibly others, I only have games for psx on it at the moment) to play using the entire full screen on the iphone 6 plus.
      To do this, open the app and go to the settings menu. select global core config (or chose a config for the specific emulator you want to adjust if you made one) and go to the video section.
      I used these settings: Aspect ratio index: 7 (this may not be important but im done playing around with it) Integer scale: off Custom viewport X: 5 Custom viewport Y: -190 Custom viewport width: 1475 Custom viewport height: 840
      X and Y adjust the positioning on the screen and width and height is the forced resolution. So you find its still off just adjust those. Keep in mind this setting is only for landscape mode and you’ll need your own settings if you prefer plaint on portrait mode.
      This also doesn’t apply to the controller so right now I have the input overlay opacity set to 0 so it is hidden. You might be able to change the input overlay config files to show the controller buttons at the appropriate position but I haven’t gotten to that yet. Im going to just memorize the button positions or possibly use a controller over Bluetooth if I can get a ps3 controller working with it. If anyone has a better setup feel free to post

  • TrainerRed

    Hey I’ve got a bit of a lagging problem. I’m using an ipod 5G and using the mupen64plus core. When I use the option to show frame rate it shows it as 47.6 but the screen goes black until I turn off the show framerate. Also the audio is pretty screwed up. And the app crashes often. How can I improve these thing.

    Any help is appreciated. I don’t expect it to run perfectly but I’d like it to be better. Btw the only games I’ve tried so far are ocarina of time and pokemon stadium 2 (which crashes almost as soon as I get past the title screen.)

  • Sergio Barajas

    I can’t get my moga ace controller (ios) to work with my retroarch whenever I play playstation 1 games. It works fine when I play n64 games but not for ps1 games. Any help please!?

  • ESTE

    Hi everyone. Thank you for your amazing emulator. It’s the best among
    other ones. I have one issue with it. Why I can’t apply shaders on Nvidia
    video cards ? it crashes everytime I try to apply shader. I don’t
    understand it. It works fine on my onboard videocard (GPU inside CPU
    chip sandybridge), but when I use my nvidia card it always crashes after
    applying shader (like xBR for example). Is there any way to fix this ?
    What’s wrong with it? Please help me (and sorry for my bad english)

    • Guest

      What’s OS are you using? Btw, RetroArch is not an emulator… ;)

    • sergio-br2

      What OS are you using? Btw, RetroArch is not an emulator… ;)

      • ESTE

        Im on WIN 7 x64. I have GeForce 9400 GT 1024 MB with latest drivers.
        It’s weird because when I use my onboard Video Card (inside Intel CPU) shaders works fine, but when I use my Nvidia card RetroArch crashes when ever I try to apply shader.
        Also i don’t understand another weird thing. RetroArch seems to work fine on my CPU/GPU card (Sandy Bridge) but only in specific video aspect. When I use aspect 8:7 (native SNES aspect) everything is smooth and works well. But ofcourse my goal is to have best aspect for certain cores and games, like native aspect in arcade games for example, but when I set any wider aspect (like 4:3 for example) performance drops drasticlly. I don’t get it. What aspect ratio has to do with it?
        Anyway, I want to use RetroArch on my much better Nvidia video card, but for some reason i can’t use shaders with it. Please someone help me.

        • sergio-br2

          This GPU seems to be a little bit old. Post your problem in the forum, I guess it’s a better place. And you don’t need to change aspect ratio every time, just change it to “Core provided”.

  • netux79

    hi there, is something wrong with the forums? I cannot access anymore with my account and if I try to reset my password the email never arrives. However after 5 attempts I receive an email that someone tried to login with incorrect password. Please help! my user is netux79, thanks!

  • Patrick Cruz

    What is happens ? the link download of Windows version is broken

  • Brett Turner

    Hi folks,

    I was hoping someone could help me with getting retroarch to run on my computer. I installed version for windows and I cannot get the program to do anything but boot up. I keep getting this error in the cmd

    RetroArch [ERROR] :: Failed to open directory: “…RetroArch-v.”
    RetroArch [ERROR] :: Failed to load library, error code: 0x7e

    I can’t load anything at all from the GUI. My laptop is running windows 7 64-bit. Any help would be appreciated.

  • theador0691

    Iphone 6 plus update?

  • Austin

    I’m having some trouble installing Retroarch from the web. I click and confirm to install and a shortcut appears on my homescreen it just says “Waiting…” I’m assuming I have to set the time back to 2012 at this time but it still gives me an error message, any suggestions?

  • Kyle

    I am not trying to flame but the moment I downloaded the core file it messed up my 7 zip extractor making it all jumpy and I can’t even unzip it! Sorry but I do not trust these files!

    Any other open source emulators? I have never had much luck with getting emulators to work or work very well.

    • Radius4

      The files are ok and it works fine here.
      I guess the problem is you then… most emulators are unzip and use

  • daniel

    I can’t find the save state option for retroarch on Android. I am using Nes cores and a ps3 controller o my Note 3. Also I can’t bring up the core menu without backing out then clicking on resume content. Is there a way to access the core menu by pressing a button in game? Reason being is that it crashes when I back out sometimes.

  • John Michael Teotico

    Hello! Just wondering if we have an ETA coming up for iPhone 6 plus screen fix? Thanks! Really appreciate all your effort here @libretro

  • PRagon

    To those who the latest builds, the most recent versions have trouble with OpenGL. (Whatever inputs you placed would not appear unless you either move the RetroArch window or if you take the window out of focus and on focus again.) Switch to D3D in the Drivers.

  • Ray Delvalle

    Update for iPhone 6 – 6 plus with the button layouts for N64?

  • xxxx

    sens core is the only thing that shows up???

  • Christian Berendt

    Just read about this project in a article on Golem ( and will try it the next days on a brand new Rapberry 2.

  • GYNO

    what happened to the libretro repo on cydia? It says it no longer exists. Will I now miss any updates to retroarch?

    • Radius4

      it’s down for now, but when nightlies for iOS are ready it will be back

      • GYNO

        thank you

  • Sander

    Linux download section is empty?

  • mishka

    Hi I’m using a Droid. All of my gba roms load, and one nds rom but i try to play any Pokémon ds game and it won’t even leave the home screen. I get a flash of load 44% and I’m back where i started. help!

  • Tom Monde

    Good Morning

    I come by this message, you sayings that the download link for Windows does not.

    Thank You

  • Miguel


    Pls, I getting a message saying there is …”File not found” libwinpthread-1.dll ??

    I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Radius4

      try reading the notes?

  • david



  • Blake Reed

    Does anyone know how to connect a moga hero controller to it?

  • Melvintosh

    Hey RA-Team,

    beforehand: Thanks for you great work! I love Retroarch. Using it on my iPhone 6, iPad Air (1+2) and on my iPad Mini. Its, simply said, a dream come true.

    I’m from Germany and probalby one of only a few who (nearly on a daily basis) visits your site like crazy, hoping to see a new update or (the most awaited) even the release of version 1.1 for ios. :)
    Honestly, i reeeaaaly can’t wait to have Retroarch 1.1 with that awesome “skin” etc. on my iDevices. Love U all for working on that!!! :) Take your time to have it perfect ofcourse and keep up that unbelievable work!

    One quick question anyhow: My devices are all JB and i use Cydia for installement. Your Source seems down which sadly does not let me load Using the version which is fine though. Are there infos on when the source might be “up” again?
    …I further must admit that i dont know how to install the stable “zip-version” via your site. No reply needed. Im shure some quick google-search will inform me. ;)

    Again, thanks for everything libretro/Retroarch-Poeple!!! U change the world!!!

    • Radius4
      Here are our nightly builds. Still no cydia repo. Once the nighlies are more stable for iOS I’ll redo a cydia repo

      • Melvintosh

        Awesome! Thanks!
        I’ll probably stay on the working build for now.
        “Never change a winning team” is a saying here. ;) I’d just probably cry and jump out the window if something wouldn’t work anymore in RA.

        Thanks for the link and the super quick reply! What a support! Honestly, is there a donate button somewhere?

        How i said: Can’t wait for 1.1 on iOs!!! :D


      • Melvintosh

        If U need someone to test builds or updates please contact me. I would try to help. (First here and i’ll provide a Mailadress) ;)

        My Gear:
        iPhone 6
        iPad Air (1 & 2)
        iPad Mini 3

        Working Roms ( and cores etc.) for all Platforms (PSX, N64, SNES, SEGA, MAME, SCUMM etc)

        Noticed in the comments and in the forum that u guys probalby don’t always have the Hardware to test the Builds.

        I definitely spent some time on getting retroarch to run incl. layoutet controls for all Emus with my two PS3 Controllers etc.
        What im trying to say, i’m hopefully smart enough to maybe help out.
        Anyhow im not a coder or IT specialist. Just someone who loves jailbreaking, having consoles etc modded (Apple TV, Xbox 360, Wii …etc)

        If i can help with my iDevices, please let me know. ;)
        The least we “users” can do, right?

        Thanks again.

  • Sigi Franco

    This is so sad I can’t play anything because of the iphone 6 & 6+ issues with the button layout ahahah

  • Joe Khouly

    I’m having a problem with my PS3 controller,using android, via Bluetooth, it is not working properly, i tried to make it “auto detect ” but no luck…other than that….. HAIL RETROARCH!

    • Joe Khouly

      oh never mind…..i had to disable auto detect and go to custom bindings…this is awesome!!!

  • Joe Khouly

    i am facing massive daley between input and response…any ideas ?

  • Charles W.

    i need some help. a few minutes after i had opened up a game, all the suddon it freezes and i cant do anything about it. any advise on how to fix this problem?

    • Radius4

      you could start by telling us in what platform

      • Charles W.

        Well I’m using an RCA tablet. And I’m its usually happening to my Sega genisis games like sonic the hedgehog 2. But every game basicly that I had played froze about 2 min after start.

        • Charles W.

          is it because of the threaded video driver?

          • Radius4

            It could be, try without it. I don’t experience the issue at least.

            If you’re using the Google Play version, try with a new one from here:


          • Charles W.

            it is basicly working right now, but if it happens again, i might go with the second option even though i got mine from the playstore app. my only problem is, if i go to that link, what do i choose to download from that page?

          • Radius4

            go to nightly, android, and download the newest apk

          • Charles W.

            okay, its freezing again but i got to play the game longer. also i downloaded that once before but it didnt work so i deleted that download. but if i download it again and turn off threaded video driver on that download, could that possibly work?

    • Myst3r90

      Are you on Android ? I yes, I had the same, and it was solved by increasing the audio latency. In the rgui, you have to enable the advanced parameter, and then you can adjust audio latency in the audio setting. I incresead it to 160.

  • Charles W.

    I’m still struggling on finding out on how to play any game without it freezing. Oh well, I was wondering if there is another app that can play games that i can download, no affence but this one is rude with allowing me to play a game (freezing). If anybody knows on how to fix this situation, please tell me. Removing threaded video driver dosnt work and having a new version doesn’t play my games, just leaves a black screen because I don’t know what is the perfect core to use. If there is a certain type of setting I must have it to not freeze, I would like to know that. Thanks

    • Radius4

      An APP can’t be rude.
      If it’s freezing then something’s up with your device, you could get a crashlog or something so we can try to diagnose it.

      Best core? for Sega Genesis it’s genplus-gx

  • Bluegrapes

    It would be great if retroarch for android allowed users to load roms from alternative file managers one day, instead of just the system directory. Then we would be able to use file mangers that would allow us to load roms from cloud services like google drive and dropbox.

    That would make retroarch perfect to me :)

  • Player

    Comment appuyer sur deux boutons en même temps hormis L2 R2
    Pour les jeux super nintendo c’est génant. Charge dans dbz, ..ect

  • Chris Flowers

    Is this being Ported to the O3DS/N3DS?

  • Retro Fusion

    i got ios 8 on a non jailbroken ipad, and i try to use dk64 using mupen64plus but i always get failed to load content. this is also not only on dk64, but every other game i tried as well. i would like some help on this…..

    • Retro Fusion

      i got the download from ………

  • Retro Fusion

    i need help, my game says failed to load content….. i have a non jailbroken ipad, and got the download from allemu…..

  • Paul

    Hello everyone I question whether one knows when the end will be a new edition of Retroarch for ps3, now I have for a long time I have been following this site but there is nothing new for PS3 thank you in advance for your help / hint.

  • Chris Miller

    Help me install this on ubuntu 15.04

  • sam

    Having a hard time using my ps4 controller. I’m running it on a Sony Xperia z3v. Via Bluetooth. Any advice or

  • vwalbridge

    Anyone else having trouble getting the 32bit version of retroarch to save path settings and other general setting like game history? I configured the 64 bit version just fine but I’m having trouble with the 32bit version. (I need to use the 32bit version on a particular computer) Also, call me crazy, but the 32 bit version is also missing the option to load content and detect core. Anyone can help?

    • Radius4

      I’m not having this…
      To load content you must select a core, to use “Detect Core” you must have cores and info files upon start.

      • vwalbridge

        Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve messed with it enough now that it seems to be saving the history now. Also, “detect core” is now showing. It also seems to be saving my paths now finally. Very weird. I was pulling my hair out!

  • daniel

    Can somebody help me I can’t play pokemon black 2 in my lenovo tablet

  • Craig Pietersen

    Hi everyone. Need an assist please. I’m desperately trying to get Flashback, a Sega CD game to work on my Galaxy Note 4. I’ve created the file required, downloaded the rom, unzipped it in the folder and set save/rom destinations but can’t get it to work regardless of which core i load. What am I doing wrong?

  • Никита Новиков

    Is RetroArch dead?
    I wonder is PSP version in development or I better get my hopes up?

    • Radius4

      of course not, there’s no blog activity but development is going as good as ever.
      We’ve had PSP nightlies since february at least.

      • Никита Новиков

        Oh, thanks for reply.
        Me and my PSP are waiting!

        • Radius4

          you don’t have to wait, just go to and grab the latest

          • Никита Новиков

            Oh, that’s really nice.
            Already tried it and now i have new question: is there plans to add SNES/ SMD/ SMS cores to PSP version?

  • bren

    i need help getting this on my xbox 360, any suggestions?

  • bujbot

    Hello, I tried signing up for an account on the forums and never recieved a confirmation email. I tried with 2 email addresses (one hotmail, one outlook) with no luck. Username is bujbot. Can you help me out? Thanks!

  • Lee Spyke Smith

    Hi there i have downloaded RetroArch as i am trying to play a few games from ScummVM i also have the ScummVM app too, anyways mu problem is once ive downloaded games and try playing them on the ScummVM app after unzipping them it says the game can’t be found or something like that so i can’t play them so i seen on the sight about RetroArch so downloaded it, my problem is after downloading the app i don’t know how to use it or get it working to play games. I dont know if i need other things or if i can just play them on my phone like normal games. I have a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Any Information n help would be great and will be hugely appreciated. Thank you in advance if anyone can help. Thanks Again.

  • Adam Cooperman

    I’m having problems on Windows 7 where the entire RetroArch screen (in and out of roms) blinks every few seconds. It’s a bit difficult to describe, it’s almost like the entire window minimizes and then reappears very quickly. I can see my desktop or any open windows behind retroarch through the blinking. I’m really unsure what could be causing this problem. Any ideas?

  • rogueyoshi

    have you guys considered porting retroarch/libretro to html5 via emscripten? this would allow for crazy amounts of device compatibility.

  • Lol

    Sadly it doesn’t download yet for the iOS 8.3 build (probably no working version for it yet).
    Can’t wait for the new update :) x

  • Ringa Ralte

    My save files becomes corrupt after some time and even my in-game saves are lost. I’m playing fire emblem from my Android kit Kat phone and after a while my saved game on slot one won’t work and I have to play from the beginning again. Even when I dint use the save slot and use the game saving system the data is lost and I only find new game. Please help

  • naz

    does it support cheat?

  • Hudsonkem

    this is so bad program, thx for developed that, but it is so annoying, I can’t run my ps1 games in linux :/

    • Radius4

      “I can’t use, program is bad.”
      Why don’t you ask a question so we can try to help you?

  • Robert Stukenbroeker

    I get a 500 error when trying to add the cydia repo. Is it down?

  • Bry215

    does anyone have any experience with bluetooth game controllers? i just bought a ipega 9023 to use with starfox 64 but i cant seem to map the C buttons at all x-(

  • ScionSven

    i Downloaded v1001 but the screen seems to be off on my iphone 6 plus i was able to get the overlay for N64 controller but the emulation is only a portion of the screen how can i go full screen?

  • Misty

    This new patch or whatever it is has completely deleted our playtimes and now we can’t even load our games!!! Why is this happening????

    • Radius4

      the update doesn’t remove anything, where was your save data located?

      • Misty

        I’m not sure it happened to my boyfriend to. We tried to load retroarch and it updated and now we can’t load anything it is saying no core detected and I tried choosing a core even. The games titles are showing up as a list under downloads but we can’t load anything.

        • Radius4
          • Misty

            Thank you i was able to load the games but not my saved games they want me to restart :( is there anything i can do about that? i dont really want to start over

          • Radius4

            where were your savestates in the first place?

          • Misty

            im not sure i cant find them. This is on an android and idk where els to look :(

          • Misty

            not sure. but it looks like they might be on the sd card in my phone

      • Misty

        Also we are using Android phones

  • Misty

    Also it will not let me download

  • JohnAlextreme

    Hi, I just downloaded both x86 and x64 of version 1.2 on Windows, and both applications fail to load. I keep on getting a “retroarch has stopped working” error, and I don’t know why this is, the last retro arch worked fine.
    I have a Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop that runs Win7 Home. I know, that’s embarrassing.
    64 bit, 4g of RAM, 2.20 ghz pentium proccesor.

  • Anjospot

    Come on.. Not Final Burn Alpha.. Including Mame because CHD rocks! :D

  • Kyle Boyd

    How can I get it on iOS

  • Ryan Thomas

    Where are the cores at that I can download

    • Radius4

      load retroarch->online updater

  • Koto

    When for Windows Phone?

    • Radius4

      when what?

      • Koto

        Retro Arch, off course.

  • Cornervizion MkII

    Enjoying the latest Android version loads. The G&W emulation is amazing, I got to play Gamegear games for the first time and noticed 1or2 other things along the way too. Sadly, I couldn’t get the games on Prosystem to work. I got the BIOS and the .DAT file but alas can’t get the ROMs to load. Could you please give me some advice as to how? Thanks :)

  • Veritas

    Great to see that the project is still alive!
    Where do i find the 1.2 mac build that was supposed to be available on the 5th?

  • jcl1999

    can i transfer save states from my iphone to my pc? if so, how, and where do i find the save files?

  • Angela DeCassio

    Hi. I was switching controls in the settings thing and it messed up and now no controls are showing and the no settings button either. basically nothing pops up when i play the game and i cant change the controls. the game i choose works but i cant play it. any help? oh and i cant access the (frontend) settings when you open it. it just crashes if i try to open it. thx.

    • Angela DeCassio

      and i was wondering if theres any way i could pull out the controls back somehow so i can play the games again

  • Darnassus

    Yaaay the site’s back up. What happened? :c

  • Melvintosh

    Hey beloved Retroarch-Team!

    I’m checking your site probably a dozen times per day(!) hoping to see release of the iOS version.
    I even left the Cydia-Source as it is also if this meant and still means that I constantly get “error-messages” after updating. ;) Whatever, I’m Jailbroken cause of you guys (and girls if there are).
    Your site was down which made me hope this was a good sign for the iOS release.
    I know, pretty stupid… ;) I hardly can’t wait anymore :)

    Anyhow, hope all of you are doing well and that you where not too stressed because of the incident.

    Thanks for your great work.
    Also when some comments don’t “show it”, all of us users can be very (VERY) happy to have people like you.

    Feel embraced!

  • John

    What is a core and where can i find a snes one?

  • Angelo

    When will Retroarch be released on Windows Store?

  • Alondale

    Why did you lie about bringing a version to ios,,, just honest answer,,,,, it’s sad man why not just tell the truth…..

    • Radius4

      Lie? We all are working on our spare time in an open source project. FOR FREE and you are calling us liars?

  • sandwich_lord_

    How do you download this on iOS

  • Ewerton Vasconcelos

    Thanks for this great work!

  • Cory Taylor

    I’m trying to play Megaman Battle Network 2 on GBA and when I hold the B button to charge it just counts it as a button press when I let go of the button, do you know of any fix for this or is this something to do with the core I’m using?

  • Peter Gallagher

    The Download page hasn’t been working for the past couple of days :-(

  • Alondale

    IT’S SEPTEMBER 1 two months since you said you release an iOS version……..all we needed to hear is that you lied,,,,,not failed but lied,,,, it’s ok human can lie,,,,,,,,,,, what a shame………

  • Machu

    Well i have been checking the activity, but since last week, you hasn’t been modificating anything on the program…. Is it going to be soon the iOS version??? Please we have been waiting for 2 months since you announce it :(

  • nţr.imn.amun

    Can’t wait for the PS3 release. I look forward for the new update. Keep up the good work!

  • Godling

    I’m sorry you guys have to deal with so many idiots, but I just want to let you know that your work is greatly appreciated by many people! Thank you guys!

    • Machu

      Yeah we are so idiots that they didn’t even told us that the iOS version got cancelled

      • Godling

        I believe you just proved my point.

  • Machu

    Well I’m really disappointed that I needed to check the other website to check what was going on for iOS version, I know you guy do a great job but you should have told us that the project got cancelled for now…

    • Alondale King

      Hey Machu, thank you for understanding what I was saying too, about this site, they lie all the time, and when they do tell the truth is only to get people to come to this website,,, all I ever wanted them to do is tell the truth and stop lying,, if there not going to release a ios version for the next FOREVER just say it,,,, anyways I am glad you see what I see and I hope this will let more people to get behind us on this movement,,,,,,,

    • Radius4

      it’s not cancelled, and we’re not lying, we’re busy, it’s different

      • Machu

        I know that you may be busy but why didn’t you just said that you are not working on it for now, at least you could make that, about a week ago you post the link for us to see the modificationsypu were doing to the program, and since that day you didn’t modify anything. I know you are not lying and I respect your job a lot and I love this emulator and website, the only thing I would like you to do is post like an announcement that says that you are taking your time becouse people like me had been checking the website since you announce the version 1.2 and you said since July 4, that in one week after that date PS3 and iOS versions would have the release next week. Please guys I have a lot of hope on all of you, and it is not working on my iPhone 6+ :P so hope you guys can release soon the next iOS and PS3 version thank you for your job :)

        • Orbán Viktor

          I agree.

  • Name1337

    how do I get cores cause I need it for emulationstation.

  • yggdrassil mithos

    can you added n64 emulator in PS3 version please :(

  • shadelegend333

    You probably know this already, but your shader implementation is slow AF compared to alternative emulators…

    • Radius4

      source? instrumented tests?

  • nţr.imn.amun

    Been following y’all on GitHub for quite some time now. That is a lot of working you all are putting in. Do not mind those who post negative comments, there are many of us out here who appreciates the work you guys have been putting in on y’all off time. I look forward to the release of the PS3, I know it will be great.