Server incident resolved

The cause of the intrusion has been found and isolated. We have no indications that other systems including core distribution was accessed, so there is no immediate cause for concern there. Sites should be operational right now and everything should work fine right now.

PSA: If people downloaded RetroArch on Windows earlier today they should check their history for mediafire. Trusted downloads from Libretro always originate from and/or We will never upload files to any third party file sharing site.

More to share on this later on.

DirkSimple core added on Steam + RetroArch update

DirkSimple core added to Steam

We added a new core, DirkSimple. This brings the total number of available cores on Steam to 60 now.

DirkSimple is a core written from scratch by icculus, one of the original creators/maintainers of popular open source projects like SDL. It can play some of the 1980s LaserDisc arcade games.

See our Steam article here.

RetroArch 1.15.0 updated

A maintenance update/fix has been pushed for 1.15.0. This replaces the current 1.15.0 version.

New changes:

  • INPUT/AUTOCONFIG: Check for ‘enable_hotkey’ also from autoconf binds
  • LIBRETRO-COMMON/VFS/FILESTREAM: Fixes filestream_vscanf regression
  • MENU/XMB: Horizontal icon animation fix
  • OSD/STATISTICS: Notification font + statistics adjustments
  • OSD/STATISTICS: Finetuned statistics layout to be more compact and aligned
  • OSD/STATISTICS: Group Run-Ahead and Frame Delay as “Latency”
  • OSD/STATISTICS: Try to scale font as small as possible/readable if stats won’t fit
  • OSD/STATISTICS/FONT: Allow reseting notification font with RetroPad Y to “null”, which uses the fallback pixel font
  • OSD/STATISTICS/FONT: Show “Default” instead of empty with default font
  • OSD/STATISTICS/FONT: Start browsing font from assets instead of root
  • WIN32: Ignore window limiting with fixed position. The other resizing part already took this into account, but WM_GETMINMAXINFO did not.