Mu/SquirrelJME Dual-Release

Mooey Quaaasmas!

Hi! We are pleased to announce the release of Mu and SquirrelJME!

Mu v(1/3*3) (by meepingsnesroms)
SquirrelJME 0.2.0 (by XerTheSquirrel)

Mu is the first Palm OS emulator capable of actually playing Palm games, it is currently capable of playing most 160×160 Palm OS 4 software perfectly, there are a few hardware abstraction glitches and sound FIFO inaccuracies but other than that the device works and the audio plays normally, this is with no hacks done to the OS. The main target is RetroArch so it runs on everything, an additional Qt port is available for desktop and Android with debug tools, but Qt itself is horribly broken on Android right now for multiple reasons.
– GitHub: @meepingsnesroms

SquirrelJME is a Java ME 8 Virtual Machine written purely in Java, which also intends to be compatible with J2ME! If you do not know what J2ME is, it is the Java of old flip phones which run MIDlets. In 2014 a new embedded Java standard was released and this is the standard which SquirrelJME is based on, meaning that it is easier to program and far more modern. This is a work in progress and not every single application will run (currently just basic applications), but support for more applications is coming in the future! Currently it runs on existing Java SE VMs so you will need a Desktop Java SE installed. SquirrelJME will see a port to RetroArch in the future as well, however that is still a few months away.
– GitHub: @XerTheSquirrel

Check them out here:


We hope that you enjoy them!

Reicast Libretro Progress Report – December 2018

It’s been a pretty busy end of the year for the Reicast core. Most of the work consisted in finalizing and improving support for Naomi and Atomiswave arcade ROMs.

Naomi / Atomiswave

Naomi GD-ROMs are now supported and this adds more than 120 Naomi games to the list of supported arcade games.
ROMs archived with 7zip as well as parent/split ROMs are now supported as well.
Another new feature is the use of per-game input descriptors: so instead of binding “Button 1” or “Axis 1”, you’ll have descriptive names such as “JUMP” or “STEERING WHEEL”. Not all games have input descriptors but more will be added in the future (and pull requests are welcome.)

In addition, many bugs have been fixed allowing many arcade games to now be fully playable: 18 Wheeler, Airline Pilot, Cosmic Smash, House of the Dead 2, Jambo Safari, Ninja Assault, Shooting Love, Virtual Athlete, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram and probably more.


On the Dreamcast front, a recent but notable improvement is the automatic setting of the BIOS date and time at boot. So you should never see the date/time setting screen again. In the same area, a new core option allows to choose the BIOS language, so you don’t have to boot the BIOS to change it.
Using the Libretro disk control interface, disk swapping has been implemented. When asked by the game, you can now virtually eject the current disk and select a new one without restarting. Some multi-disk games require this feature such as D2 or Pop’n Music 3 and 4 append disks.

Another new feature for both console and arcade is the Synchronous Rendering core option. This option is only active with Threaded Rendering. When activated, it will pause the emulation thread instead of dropping a frame, which results in less dropped frames and thus a better and smoother frame rate.
Finally, Restart has been implemented so one can reset a game without having to restart the front-end.


Happy and Peaceful Holidays!

PlayStation Classic Boot Menu + RetroArch + 91 Cores, Christmas 2018 public BETA

LibRetro logo

PlayStation Classic Boot Menu + RetroArch Christmas 2018 public BETA

Due to the efforts from CompCom and other members of the ModMyClassic community we are happy to announce the pre-release of the new PlayStation Boot Menu + RetroArch for this year’s Christmas holidays!

Whilst this pre-release is a working beta of a future development of BleemSync, we felt that you guys should be able to give a try and have some fun with it over the holidays.

Included in this pre-release is the Boot-Menu by CompCom, RetroArch for the PlayStation Classic and an initial batch of 91 cores. (Emulators) Please note that this is a pre-release of an upcoming module and development! This means that we are expecting some issues and shouldn’t be considered as a final release. This includes all of the 91 cores listed for the console, we haven’t had time to fully test or polish the builds for the PlayStation Classic but the majority should work absolutely fine.

Because of this, we ask you that you please notify us of any issues you encounter in our PlayStation Classic support channel in our discord here. We thank you in advance for your feedback and we will work on making improvements/fixes based on any feedback given to us.

To download and read how to use please go to: for the full instructions and links.

Everyone at ModMyClassic would also like to wish you a happy Christmas and happy holidays!