Libretro/RetroArch New Cores – A5200/WASM4/Arduous/SameCDi/JumpnBump

Libretro and its various contributors have certainly been busy these past few weeks. We bring to you a wide range of new cores, available for use in RetroArch, and/or any other Libretro-compatible frontend.


The a5200 core is an optimised Atari 5200 emulator based on Atari800 2.0.2. Originally developed for the GCW Zero, it runs full speed on even the weakest hardware (e.g. o3DS) – yet with a design focussed on ease of use and tight libretro integration it provides a simple ‘plug and play’ solution for Atari 5200 content on all platforms. The core debuts with robust input handling (including analog and number pad entry), audio filtering, CRT ghosting effects, an optional internal open-source BIOS and full save state support. Further enhancements are planned over the coming weeks.


WASM-4 is a low-level fantasy game console for building small games with WebAssembly. Game cartridges (ROMs) are small, self-contained .wasm files that can be built with any programming language that compiles to #WebAssembly.

You can now play these games/programs from within RetroArch, or any other Libretro-compatible frontend.

You can find more information at here.


A Libretro core for the #Arduboy. The Arduboy is a handheld game console with open source software, based on the Arduino hardware platform.



SAME CDi is a S(ingle) A(rcade) M(achine) E(mulator) for libretro, forked from MAME libretro, which is in turn a fork of MAME. It includes only the Philips CD-i driver, and simplifies the loading of CD content to provide a ‘plug and play’ experience. It emulates exclusively the Philips CD-i game console/settop box device from the early ’90s.

You can find more information at here and here.

Jump ‘n Bump


Jump ‘n Bump has finally been ported to Libretro/RetroArch. This is a game for the whole family. You play as a cute fluffy little bunnies and hop on each other’s heads.

At the beginning you are in the menu, where you have to let each active player jump over the tree trunk to enter the play area, and then walk to the right. You will then enter the arena. The aim is to jump on the other bunnies’ heads…

Jump ‘n Bump was originally a DOS game by Brainchild Design, which was open sourced under the GPL license and ported to SDL, and then SDL2.

How to use it
You can play Jump ‘n Bump by loading one of the .DAT files (levels) from Load Content. A fair few of them are available on Libretro/RetroArch’s ‘Content Downloader’.