Play! (PlayStation2 emulator) getting a libretro core

The PlayStation2 emulator Play! will be seeing a libretro port in the near future. We’ve reached an amicable agreement with two devs to make this happen. We’ll also be supporting their Patreon monthly from now on, just like we’ve supported other Patreon emulator creators for little over a month now as of this writing.

Note that this is separate from the PCSX2 core bounty, which is still ongoing and is still its own thing. We still need to find a bounty hunter for that one, though.

RetroArch – In Development – Touchscreen Lightgun for mobile devices!

With the upcoming new RetroArch version, it will be possible to use your fingers as a lightgun on mobile devices!

The first core you can see here with working support is Beetle Saturn, running at fullspeed in this video on an iPhone XS Max!

We will let you know which cores will support this feature as we get closer to the release of the next RetroArch version. Stay tuned!

RetroArch – In Development – World-first text to speech in emulators! OCR Bounty Progress!

The OCR bounty’s next milestone has been reached! Previously, it was finally possible to recognize patterns of text by the OCR/translation APIs. Now, text to speech has been achieved!

NOTE: This is a work in progress/development, and is not reflective yet of the actual finished product.

In this video, you see us running RetroArch with an old school SNES RPG, Soul Blazer. Right now, this is a very experimental implementation that is far from finished and not really ready for general gameplay, but this will be further developed from this point on.

Anyway, in this video you see us doing the following:

* Whenever we pause RetroArch, the OCR process starts. It will first attempt to recognize text onscreen.

* Once it has recognized text, you will see outlines onscreen surrounding the recognized text.

* Then it passes this off to the Translate Text To Speech engine. Once done, it generates a log message about it (you can see this in the video).

* From this point on, you can unpause RetroArch and you can actually hear the voice over.

NOTE: Just to emphasize, this is NOT how it will work like in the actual finished product. This is a purely ‘WIP developer’ video we’re showing.