Reicast Libretro – Updates!

Reicast Libretro and Reicast OIT Libretro have recently been updated.

Here is a listing of all the changes/fixes/improvements:

  • (Reicast Libretro) – now requires OpenGL 3.0 core profile (and GLSL 1.30).
  • (Reicast Libretro OIT/OpenGL) – Increased compatibility with other GL 4.3 driver implementations.
  • (Reicast Libretro OIT) – Several performance improvements.
  • (Reicast Libretro OIT) – Fixed graphics issues in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (link).
  • (Reicast Libretro OIT) – Fixed graphics issues in Dino Crisis (link).
  • (Dreamcast/PVR2) Bump mapping implemented (used in Rayman 2/Shenmue 2) (link).
  • (Dreamcast/PVR2) Trilinear filtering implemented (needed by NFL 2K2 in particular to display some ground textures correctly).
  • (Dreamcast) Bomberman Online – Fixed glitching title screen (link).
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Shenmue 1 crashes fixed (thanks to x64 Dynarec CheckBlocks implementation)
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Shenmue 2 crashes fixed (thanks to x64 Dynarec CheckBlocks implementation)
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Alone In The Dark: New Nightmare – improvements to YUV / palette textures – no more downgraded colors in backgrounds (link).
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Dead or Alive 2 LE (Japan) crashes fixed.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Draconus – Cult Of The Wyrm/Dragon’s Blood – fogging graphics glitch fixed (link).
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Evolution: The World of Sacred Device (UK) now renders flat shaded polygons correctly (link).
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Shadow Man works now. Set Cable Type to VGA or otherwise it will crash after the Dreamcast boot screen.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) NBA 2K/2K1/2K2 now work.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Napple Tale crash no longer happens after leaving the circus.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Ooga Booga now goes ingame, some issues still remain though.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Soldier Of Fortune AI bugs fixed (link).
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Test Drive Le Mans/Le Mans 24 Hours now works, still some audio glitches though.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Looney Tunes Space Race now works.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Wacky Races now works, still has some graphics glitches though.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) San Francisco Rush 2049 – screen display issues fixed – Screen cropped at the top (link).
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Fur Fighters now goes ingame, some issues still remain though.
  • (Dreamcast/Compatibility) Twinkle Star Sprites no longer unplayably slow due to excessive logging.
  • (Naomi) Analog input implemented for games like Monkey Ball/Virtua Tennis 2.
  • (Naomi) EEPROM saving/loading implemented.
  • (Naomi/Compatibility) Hokuto No Ken / Fist Of The North Star now works.
  • (Naomi/Compatibility) King of Fighters New Wave – no longer crashes during fights, there are still display glitches though.

Also be sure to check our Youtube channel, where you can view a lot of videos on recent Reicast Libretro developments and more!

RetroArch – Metal video driver for modern macOS!

RetroArch has now gained a Metal renderer! Targeting modern macOS at first. XMB/MaterialUI works, menu shader pipelines work, Slang shaders work thanks to SPIRV-Cross, fonts work, etc!

Previously, RetroArch for OSX/macOS only had an OpenGL video driver. Since Apple will be deprecating OpenGL support in the near future, this Metal video driver essentially future proofs RetroArch for mac!

Reicast libretro updates – Shenmue 1/2 now runs! Plus Reicast Hackathon event July 6-8 (Switzerland)

UPDATE (1/7/2017): Dynarec crashes/bugs should now be fixed on OSX/macOS and Linux as well!

It has only been a day since we released our blog post detailing all of the improvements the Reicast core has received, but in less than a day a lot has happened that requires an updated blog post –

64-bit dynarec – Self-modifying code

Shenmue 1/2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Heavy Metal Geomatrix are all problematic games that are known to be hard to emulate due to them being prone to relying on self modifying code. The 64-bit dynarec did not have any kind of block checking yet to compensate for this.

skmp has finally added this functionality to the 64-bit dynarec, and as a result, Shenmue 1/2 should now be fully playable, as well as games like Heavy Metal Geomatrix and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

Shenmue 1

Shenmue 2

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Other improvements

  • Naomi/Atomiswave bootup screens no longer flicker.
  • Bomberman Online title screen FMV sequence renders correctly now. (thanks to flyinghead)
  • (Non-OIT) Fix some RTT (Render To Texture) regressions. (thanks to flyinghead)
  • Reicast summer Hackathon – July 6/7 2018 (06~08.07.2018)

    skmp, the lead developer of Reicast/nullDC, will be holding a summer Hackathon event for Reicast this summer! It will be held in Switzerland (Google maps info here).

    If you are interested in joining, please fill in the form and put “reicast” as the project, and “reicast users” as to who will be benefiting. You can of course apply with your own projects, or work on multiple things during the weekend.

    There’s free food at the hackathon and very pretty mountains.

    Some details below

    Hack4Glarus is back! This time it is the Hack4Glarus Summer Edition. Because you shouldn’t miss how pretty Glarnerland is in the summer.

    For whom is it?
    Anyone who is into hacking a weekend long. You do not necessariliy need deep technical knowledge, but you should be interested in technology.

    Where does Hack4Glarus take place?
    The same place as the last time. It will happen at Spinnerei Linthal, a very cool old factory hall at Linthal. It’s also where our Data Center Light is residing.

    What are the topics?
    Glarus, mountains
    IoT (we provide a LoRaWAN stack)
    Open Source
    Linux / Unix / BSD (especially: Devuan)
    IPv6 / Networking
    Virtualisation / Containers / Kubernetes

    What will be provided at Hack4Glarus?
    – food and drinks
    – place to sleep
    – very cool environment

    What do I need to bring to Hack4Glarus?
    – great ideas
    – a sleeping bag
    – your awesome self

    How can I apply?
    Visit the following link and fill out the simple form, and we’ll contact you. We have only limited seats available as always, so if you’re interested, we recommend you apply as soon as possible. 🙂

    You can checkout our first Hack4Glarus from last December here!