RetroArch Android released

In many ways this is the release that the original should have been. We have been working non-stop for the past week to iron out most of the major complaints and we believe this is a much more well-rounded package now.

New key features (

  • Higher-resolution overlays (old ones are still available for older devices)
  • Now compatible with Android 2.3+
  • Fixed Wonderswan core (Mednafen Wonderswan)
  • Numerous PCSX ReARMed improvements (PAL games should be fixed and emulator should now work on devices that didn’t work before)
  • Custom input mapping
  • Numerous pads added to autodetection list (see below).


Google Play –

APK Link (r8) –


device-2013-01-28-193937 device-2013-01-29-021513 device-2013-01-29-021623 device-2013-01-29-054121 device-2013-01-29-054733 device-2013-01-29-081922 device-2013-01-29-082139 mgs-psx



r8 (Jan 30, 2013) – VERSION
* Is now compatible with Android version 2.3 and up.
* Back button issues with certain gamepads should now be fixed.
* Wonderswan core was broken (Mednafen Wonderswan) – is now fixed.
* ‘Detect’ button for manual input binding for touchless devices.
* Old overlays are back and put into a directory called ‘Low-resolution’ for devices with slower CPUs –
the higher-resolution ones are somewhat more demanding than the original 256×256 ones.
* Input autodetection expanded –
– DragonRise USB Gamepad


Test that was released on certain forums – never pushed to Play Store.

r6 (Jan 29, 2013)
* PlayStation1 [PCSX ReARMed] core fixes (from notaz)
– Fixes 50Hz PAL games (were running with sound being too fast and other irregularities before)
– Should fix emu crashing on some devices due to memory mapping issues.
* New system-specific overlays added – on new installs only these new ones will be there and the old bad ones will no longer be there. On pre-existing installs – just use the new ones – they should be much better. If you’re still unsatisfied, nothing is stopping you from editing these files yourself with a text editor and an image editor – it’s really simple to do.
* New ‘custom binding’ when you turn off ‘Configuration Autodetect Enable’ – allows you to manually put in button mapping in case we don’t support your pad. Note – it’s probably more reliable right now to select the ‘keycode’ from the dropdown list instead of pressing the button on the pad.
– Input autodetection expanded –
– Trust Raptor
– Should fix Logitech F710/Elecom/RetroUSB NES/etc

r5 (Jan 28, 2013)
* Input autodetection expanded
– Archos gamepad
– Xperia Play
– Xbox 1 (Titanium X-JoyConverter)
– Xbox 360 (wired)
– Red Samurai Bluetooth
– Another variant of Mayflash Wii Classic
– RetroUSB SNES RetroPort
– RetroUSB NES RetroPad
– Buffalo SNES Pad
– Logicool F710 (Japanese Logitech F710)
– Elecom PS1/PS2 to USB

r4 (Jan 27, 2013)
* Input autodetection expanded
– Nyko Playpad Pro
* Fixed bug where device name would not be onscreen for long enough –
useful for reporting input name

r3 (Jan 26, 2013)
* More user-friendly core selection names
* Input autodetection expanded
– Added Mayflash Super Joy Box 3 Pro
– Added JXD S5110
– Added Logitech Dual Action
– Added Snakebyte idroid