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First things first – we are back. It has taken us a very long time to make a new release of RetroArch due to numerous complications, so apologies for missing numerous release dates before (first Christmas, then somewhere in April, etc.). It tells something about the development hell we’ve been through that I’ve just skipped an entire version number (1.1) and gone straight to 1.2.

Let me first get some important stuff out of the way before we continue. For our iOS and Blackberry 10 users: we were not ready today (July 4) to launch on these platforms, you’ll unfortunately have to hold out for one more week before we have something for you. Rest assured that there will be plenty to enjoy a week from now.

With that out of the way…

What is RetroArch being released on today and tomorrow?

  • Android (DONE) (Uploading to Play Store right now)
  • Windows (DONE)
  • Linux (DONE) (Repo packagers, go ahead and update the respective packages)
  • Mac (Maybe July 5 2015)
  • Consoles (Wii /  PSP ) (July 5 2015)
  • Consoles (Xbox 1 OG)        (Maybe July 5 2015)
  • iOS (Next week)
  • Blackberry 10 (Next week)

Other platforms will have to wait, but rest assured the wait is not much longer.  *
I could write an entire book about all of the new features in RetroArch, but instead I’m just going to summarize it up in a few bullet points so that you can get the gist of it. In the upcoming weeks you will see plenty of more big announcements coming from us, and we will also provide you with much-needed user documentation on everything you can do with RetroArch now.

— Brand new eye candy menus to choose from! —

RetroArch now lets you select between three menu display modes: RGUI (a very classic, low-resolution menu), GLUI (a more advanced GL-based menu that lends itself well to touch-based devices), and XMB (a horizontal crossbar menu that is the most eyecandy-rich of all three right now).

Thanks to improved touch support, you should now be easily able to control RetroArch’s menu by dragging up or down and clicking on items. And thanks to built-in DPI awareness support, menu elements should now be scaled according to the DPI (Dots Per Inch) reported by your system.*

* NOTE: The XMB menu driver’s touch support right now is kinda iffy. We recommend that you use GLUI on touchscreen-based devices, like mobile (Android/iOS/etc).

— Scan files/directories and add them to game system collections! —

You can now scan files and/or directories, and RetroArch will look for a match inside its database. If it finds a match with a known game on a given system, it will then add this game to a collection based on the system of that game. This way, you can have ordered collections of games without having to browse your filesystem all the time looking for a ROM/game to play.

To use this feature, go to ‘Add Content’ and select either ‘Scan Directory’ or ‘Scan File’. *

* NOTE: Some programs right now might not yet have a database system in place to allow you to scan said content. Some of the current ones that still need to be addressed are MAME and CD-based systems such as the PlayStation. You will see this rectified in an upcoming RetroArch update.

— View database information about each game once added to a collection! —

Once you have a few collections, you will be able to view detailed information about the game, provided by RetroArch’s new database features. You will be able to view the developer of the game, the year it was released at, any kind of special hardware it used on the ROM cart package, the publisher that released the game, etc. *

* NOTE: The amount of information provided per game can vary and is dependent on the database’s completion. We encourage contributors to help us out building up these databases.

— Download programs (‘cores’) online —
RetroArch no longer comes with programs preinstalled, instead you download these now from our buildbot from within the program. Go to Online Updater -> Core Updater and select any of the cores you’d like to have installed. It will then download that core from our buildbot. This way, you are in control of exactly which programs you have installed and RetroArch does not take up any additional space for things you don’t need.*

We add new cores onto our buildbot routinely, so as soon as they will be uploaded you will be able to download them and use them with your current copy of RetroArch without even having to update the main program. Stay posted for more exciting new stuff coming up ahead.

* NOTE: We make no guarantees about server availability or uptime.

— Update everything! —

It isn’t just program cores that you can install this way from our buildbot. You can also update all of the asset files that RetroArch depends on. You will always be able to download the latest shaders, onscreen gamepad overlays, cheat files and whatnot directly from our servers from within the app.

All of this content is updated on a daily basis, so you can be sure there will be plenty of new things to check out on a weekly basis.

— Download Game & Watch games and play them with our exclusive Game & Watch emulator ! —


People in their early to mid-30s might have seen these things in the wild back n their day and will probably be familiar with these old standalone handheld games that predated the Game Boy, but don’t let their age fool you: these games still are very useful time killers and their age if anything gives them even more charm appeal.

Go to ‘Add Content -> Download Content’ to download any of these Game & Watch games. From there, you can play them with our Game & Watch emulator which has been built from scratch by a valued libretro contributor. Some of the standout features include faithful reproduction of the handheld’s screen layout, high-resolution bezels, nice simulation of the sound effects, etc. Give these a try.*

* NOTE: We owe a certain amount of thanks to Madrigal’s simulators for being able to offer these games to you.

— Built-in input mapping —
It is now possible to bind your gamepad from within the program without having to go through the chores of previous versions. Go to Settings -> Input Settings and select ‘Bind All’ to bind each and every button one at a time, or bind the actions individually. If you are using a gamepad which is supported by us, it will be autodetected and autoconfigured to align with our gamepad abstraction, the RetroPad.

— Ability to remap controls —
An often-heard complaint before was the inability to change the controls. We have made this possible now. Once a game is loaded, go to the ‘Quick Menu’ and select ‘Core Input Remapping Options’. From there you can change the controls per core, and you can also save these changes to a config file.

— Ability to enter and load cheats —
It is now possible to input cheats and apply them to the currently running game. This was also an often-heard complaint and omission pointed out by users, so we have provided this as well this time around. *

* NOTE: Some programs might not yet have cheat support integrated. As soon as we include cheat support for these cores, you will be able to download the updated core from within the app (see ‘Download program cores online’).

— Multi-language support! —

This release comes with (preliminary) multi-language support. Go to Settings -> User Settings and choose a language. Right now we provide translations for Dutch, German, Portuguese, and French.*

* NOTE: Some of the language translations might be more incomplete than others. Others (like Japanese/Chinese/Russian) are not available right now, and we seek translators for those as well.

— Over 80+ programs now and counting —
RetroArch and the libretro ecosystem has expanded in scope dramatically since the last release over a year ago. There are now over 80+ programs to choose from among its collection, and you can be sure that number is bound to increase from here on out. *

* NOTE: The amount of program cores available might vary based on the system you are using.

— Built-in image viewer (and media player) ! —

We have thrown in an image viewer inside RetroArch now. It is possible to display JPEG, PNG, TGA and BMP images.*

As if that is not enough, for the Windows release we now have an integrated media player. It is possible to play music and movie files now from within RetroArch. This might seem like an unorthodox way to use RetroArch, but it has certain tricks up its sleeve that other media players do not, such as frame interpolation and a wide array of shaders and audio filters to choose from. ** ***

* NOTE: Expect this feature to be improved in the coming weeks, there are still some power management issues to sort out with high-resolution images.

** NOTE: Expect this feature to be heavily improved later on. We will want to start supporting remote controls and also to provide a fancy overlay for video playback purposes. Also, expect a very nice audio visualizer soon for the playback of music files.

*** NOTE: The integrated media player support is available for any version of RetroArch that comes with built-in ffmpeg support. RetroArch is dependent on ffmpeg for making it possible to playback these files.

— Tons more besides to discover and enjoy —

This quick writeup does not even scratch the surface of everything that has been added to RetroArch over the span of a year. We worked hard on making this release happen and as such did not have the time to write about every single new feature in detail before dropping this release. Over the next few weeks we will have a more increased Youtube channel presence where we will drop videos which will show you all you can do with RetroArch right now. Please look forward to these videos.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas on what could make RetroArch better and how to improve it. We definitely want you to provide us with a lot of feedback on this release so that we can improve the next release in response to user feedback.

From now on, you can expect continuous updates. It took us a long time to set the entire infrastructure up to make all this possible and we also had to rewrite RetroArch entirely at least 5 to 6 times over the past year, but rest assured that this huge media dropout was a one-off event.

If things are not perfect today (and nothing will ever be perfect), be rest assured that from here on out, updates will be quick to arrive. We are not going to have a repeat of this endless delay schedule that has plagued us since last year, and above all we now want continuous user feedback so that we can improve things as we go along. Most importantly, me and others have practically worked themselves to death on this release for over a year and we really want to push this release out now so that people have something in their hands and we can go from there.

Oh yeah, there will be another big blog post after this that will detail some other new projects we’re working on shortly, but for now I have to focus on actually pushing this release out. So let’s see if we can get that done today and we’ll drop all the other major announcements shortly after.

Some other notes (Xbox 360 missing, etc)

* The only exception to this release promise is the Xbox 360 port. I have been routinely screwed and scammed by the ‘underground’ console hacking scene and right now I’m sitting on this paperweight RGH Xbox 360 that is useless for development, so that port is on indefinite hold until somebody can get me either the XDK back that I gave somebody in good confidence that it would go to Ced2901 (but it never did apparently), and I presume the guy I gave it to just hoarded it. or we can get a replacement for it. I won’t mention names but the guy who took my XDK and never gave it to the person he said he was going to give it to knows who he is. Anyway, if you guys still consider this Xbox 360 version important, let me know but I’m not going to go and take money out of my own coffers again to make that happen. I’m done with the console scene shenanigans.

Some other notes (3DS / PSP version)

We could maybe push out a PSP version of RetroArch 1.2 in the upcoming weeks. I’m hoping to get back with the main contributor (aliaspider) who worked on these ports so that we can be assured that we can at least push out the PSP version in a more or less stable and decent state.

Regarding RetroArch 3DS: it’s still very much a work-in-progress and I don’t think either me or aliaspider would feel comfortable to ship anything right now in terms of official release at this stage, and we need a lot of work done on the cores before we can render some of them playable on the slow 3DS (it’s even slower than the PSP it seems).

104 thoughts on “RetroArch 1.2 – July 4 release kickoff

  1. I think I just creamed my pants. I love you guys!

  2. GuitarAnthony

    July 4, 2015 — 5:52 pm

    Great work, guys.

  3. So awesome! Do you guys have a Patreon or something?

    1. We’re considering some slight policy adjustments to the whole gifting process to help us with RetroBox which has now become Lakka (oops, that is the next big reveal I guess). I don’t think it’s going to be Patreon-based but yeah monetary gifting is likely to be considered. But yeah, something other than packages being sent that I have to pay 20% VAT taxes over will be welcome.

  4. Awesome! Thanks y’all!

  5. Will this now natively support the iPhone 6+ resolution?

  6. great!!!!!!

  7. This sounds great. Can you add it to the iOS Builds store so we don’t have to jailbreak?

    1. apple won’t allow it

  8. Where’s the Linux version, I updated my Ubuntu 15.04 today and Retroarch wasn’t in the mix, there were some libretro stuff updated, but Retroarch wasn’t one of them. still on Please advise.

    1. Hi, Im running Ubuntu 14.04 with these in my sources.list. I updated today in the morning and got the new version.

      deb trusty main
      deb-src trusty main

      1. Thanks for that, i added that repo and updated, but now i can’t control the menu, my xbone controller doesn’t work and neither does my keyboard. Any Ideas?

        1. No idea, not using an xbox controller on the Ubuntu PC, but on my Windows PC my xbox controller works with the new Retroarch.

          But you did change trusty to Vivid since your using ubuntu 15.04?

          1. Well yeah? Dunno if it has anything to say with just libretro, but you should use the right repo for your version of Ubuntu.

          2. Makes sense, i changed it, and didn’t get any different results, i’m going to purge it and reinstall it and hopefully that’ll work. thanks.

          3. Sergio Benjamim

            July 9, 2015 — 4:28 am

            You can do:

            rm ~/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg

          4. I did that already. I think it has something to do with udev. Not sure what.

      2. Sergio Benjamim

        July 7, 2015 — 5:45 am

        I don’t know where my answer went… well: don’t mess with the source.list, and don’t teach people in the wrong way. It’s better to use add-apt-repository command.

        1. What is so wrong with editing the sources.list file?

          I done it since early Debian where the add-apt-repository command wasn’t available. Been the same way of doing it for decades, its simple and its works.

          1. Sergio Benjamim

            July 7, 2015 — 2:37 pm

            It’s right when you know what you are doing there. When the guy doesn’t know that you have to change trusty to vivid, it’s better use add-apt-repository.

  9. Very nice!
    Using the android port, my once working Parasite Eve save state is magically working again!

    So thanks for that 😀

    I’m still very much interested in a 360 port, since it has less input lag than ps3 and supports vga. (vga is unsupported on European ps3) (I do own a wii u but I’m not that interested in the 480p wii version…does it support ps3/360 arcade sticks? HID-controllers like nintendont?)

    If you can’t run retroarch well enough on 3DS,whzt about NEW3DS? I know I’d be extremely interested in that! 😀

    Thanks a million for you guys hard work!

    PS : Is there an arm port on Raspbian for raspberry pi2?

  10. How to change menu display mode in the Android port?
    I’m only getting the old one by default and can’t find the option to change it.
    Please help me out.
    You know, a guide for the new options would be terrific.

    1. It’s under Settings > Driver Settings: Menu Driver

      1. Found it.
        Thanks for the quick reply.

        1. Alberto Zanotti

          July 5, 2015 — 12:55 pm

          excuse me, you mean you see the menu as in the above image in the article?with red background and eyecandy icons? cause i don’t when i select xmb..just black background and white text..

  11. Great to see this update, been periodically checking the homepage for the last 6 months. Not at all angry or frustrated, why would we be? It’s free! And I can’t begin to imagine having to ree write the whole thing 5 or 6 times from scratch! Impressive that you didn’t the in the towel! Just a could of questions… regarding Mame cores.. will this new version support updated romsets? (Android user here) so that we can play some newer titles? Also, about the iOS build.. has there been any development on the dynarec situation? So that we can use the full power of the CPU ? It seems such a shame to see emulation be (comparatively) slow on for instance 3d games where the iPad has such a nice screen and ideal screen ratio.

    Also I want to say a big thanks for including game and watch support, to have the high res bezels sounds lovely! — will there be other LCD game support like those classic Tiger games, or is it more focused on Nintendo LCDs?

    Anyway, great job total massif pat on the back guys I hope such skills are rewarded in your professional lives.

  12. Now that I’ve tried it out, it’s more amazing than I thought it would be. Bit sad there’s no specific C64 emulator but otherwise it’s awesome.

  13. Awesome work,and just I was waiting for : a new,clean,and beautiful interface!

    One question : in previous Android versions,I tried to play with Ipega 9025 in my S3 Mini (Custom Rom CM12).It works,but every time I close the emulator,the control configuration reset,and need to setup all again.Enabled options like “Save config after exit”,didn’t work.
    Can you tell me how to keep the control settings after I exit the emu?

    Thanks for this awesome emu and sorry for my bad English.

  14. Radhi Fadlillah

    July 5, 2015 — 12:27 pm

    Hi guys, nice work in this new release. In this new release, savestate is located on /data/data/com.retroarch.savestates. Is there any way to change savestate dir to the ROM directory, like the previous version ?

    1. In the old retroarch android menu I set my directory and it loaded my stuff fine so I guess “yes”.

    2. This is solved in the current git, but it’s not on the google play version, we’re solving some other issues before pushing a new one.

      Today’s nightly should have it back

  15. Are you guys going to implement support for Android TV?

  16. Wow! Awesome job. I’m looking forward to the PSP version also. Fantastic job everyone.

  17. A bit gutted the 360 version is on hiatus and I’m sorry some idiot mucked you around with the XDK But I’ll like to say I’m also all for a 360 version. I hope the hiatus isn’t too long, been looking forward to it for a while.

  18. Very excited for the PS3 release and build.

  19. I honestly gave up all hope on the Android port, but so glad to see it back in action. You probably shouldn’t announce dates ever again, my patience has never been tested so greatly.

    1. why did you give up?

      1. Personally I gave up because the pcsx-reloaded core was broken on my Nexus tablet ever since the lollipop update (November, 2014).

      2. Well the app hadn’t been updated since March 2014. This project has different circumstances, but those Android devs often don’t go more than two months without updating.

  20. THIS IS SO COOL love the media player but that just make have to ask a question do you have any plans to work with Kodi the Best Multi Emulator with the best Media center

  21. GuitarAnthony

    July 5, 2015 — 4:50 pm

    Just have one nitpick that came up. On my LG G3 when I try to go to the update cores or download content sections, the screen turns black. Seems like it’s still there but can’t see anything so I have to quit out. It’s fine on my Nexus & my Nvidia Shield. Otherwise, things are great! Finally get to play Vectrex on my portables. 😀

    1. It’s probably just loading the list, wait a few secs

      1. I did. Didn’t work. It’s cool. I’ll be using it more on my Shield.

      2. GuitarAnthony

        July 6, 2015 — 8:47 pm

        Out of curiosity, is there any other way to update cores since I can’t get to that screen on my phone?

  22. On the android version , I been looking around to see if I can use the new gui but I can’t find it

    1. Sergio Benjamim

      July 6, 2015 — 3:56 am

      You have to change it to XMB in Settings –> Driver Settings –> Menu Driver

  23. Please make a PSP version, it is the best cheap multi-emulator console, not to mention a huge base of games made for psp.
    It’d be extremely useful.
    Keep up thd good work, running great on my Z2 5.0.2 android. 🙂

  24. In windows I have to put load the configuration every time run retroarch for put the correct resolution

    1. in Windows RetroArch always runs at the display resolution. What is the problem?

  25. In my last post I said gui menu display mode on my android, can’t find it it anywhere

  26. JohnAlextreme

    July 5, 2015 — 5:37 pm

    Hi, I just downloaded it for windows, and both x64 and x86 crash when I open them. I keep on getting “retroarch has stopped working”. I’m running this on Win7 home (yea thats embarrassing). Help?

    1. start it from the commandline and run it like this
      retroarch –verbose –menu

      it should tell you why it’s crashing.

      1. JohnAlextreme

        July 5, 2015 — 8:51 pm

        It crashes right when I open it though.

      2. JohnAlextreme

        July 6, 2015 — 3:37 pm

        Is it a problem with the version of windows I have or something? Because the last version of retroarch worked just fine for me

        1. I have no such issues but there isn’t much we can do without a log

          1. JohnAlextreme

            July 6, 2015 — 5:03 pm

            Well when I tried to open a late June version of Retroarch, Windows said “Wont open: 0xc00007b”, but I doubt it has anything to do with this stable version

          2. JohnAlextreme

            July 6, 2015 — 5:49 pm

            Just an FYI: I’m running this on a Dell Inspiron 1750, 4g RAM, 2.20 ghz Pentium proccesor, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, SP1

  27. Assuming RetroArch Wii is released today, will it save video settings? I found a perfect setup for VBA Next that makes it so I can play the games with a border, but I have to constantly re-change the custom ratio every time I even so much as change games on the July 5th nightly build.

  28. I got the latest version of retroarch on my ubuntu 15.04 installation using the testing ppa, however retroarch isn’t accepting any input, keyboard, XBone controller, or anything, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  29. This is so amazing. The features you’ve managed to implement have far exceeded my expectations for the 1.1 release. In fact I’m even starting to consider foregoing a traditional front-end and just using the new XMB interface.

    I really hope that you guys do reconsider your policy on accepting monetary donations. You guys definitely deserve it for all the hard work you do.

  30. I still have problems with psx pal games using libcrypt protection 🙁 I’ve tested Spyro (2 and 3), Medievil 2 and CTR, all those games boot up and run normally until a loading screen freezes everything! It’s strange because the latest mednafen core should support the .sbi files, i’m doing something wrong?

    1. TheOligopolist

      July 8, 2015 — 8:48 am

      I’m having the same issue.

    2. and using the fixes/cracks for disable the protection?

  31. Please,someone. 🙁

  32. I remember trying to run the Android version of RetroArch in my BLackberry Q10. Turns out that the keyboard insists that the keyboard is typing instead of having its button inputs used towards other purposes. The native version from Crackberry not only lacks 32X emulation but also persistent custom-keybindings. I have been hoping from behind the new Blackberry version.

    I am surprised that the 3DS is actually SLOWER than the PSP! I wonder whhether the New 3DS would make a significant difference.

    1. hey! trying to get the same thing done on mine, since snes9x can’t find the SDcard or proper rom dir… and i picked a blackberry with physical keyboard essentially for playing emulators.

      feels bad man ;~ ;

    2. The New 3DS has a processor with more cores, but it’s not faster (Wikipedia notwithstanding).

  33. Michael Duclos

    July 6, 2015 — 4:03 am

    I hate this release. The menu is a mess and you removed the option to select glsl shaders, one of the top features of the emulator!!!! Without shaders, any classic console emulator becomes worthless. Time to move on….

    1. Come on men, they don’t even get paid for this, at least you could try yourself more without complaning.

      1. Michael Duclos

        July 9, 2015 — 4:36 am

        You have to understand a point here. The app autoupdated and until I cleared my configuration completely and worked through some major hitches, the program went from working perfectly for me to being totally non-functional for my purposes on a night I just wanted to play some games and relax after a long day of work. My purposes being playing with a controller via HDMI out from my tablet to my TV. I have since gained the functionality back but still feel the menus are a mess, thus adjusted my rating accordingly based on how well it is working now, with that horrible night behind me. The night where I was needing to relax and looking forward to a night with what was my favorite program, which I thought had been ruined in spectacular fashion. Sort of like psx4droid if you remember that one.

        1. Just use an old version, if that’s your point, but hating a release? That’s too much. You need to relax? Fine, but you’re spitting harsh words and making a statement of hate, mess of an open source and free project publicly. Go to github and make an issue that will help more than “hating this release”, expose your problems with this software.

          1. Michael Duclos

            July 9, 2015 — 5:09 am

            Well after a couple days adjusting things to work well again (after removing all configuration) only issues I really have left is menu touch glitches with 2 of 3 menu types (controller works fine once binded and issue is known by developers) and the overall organization of the menus, including the fact you first launch to one that is no longer relevant(perhaps just directly launch the program?). I raised it to 4 stars, but some better organization will get 5. As to the touch issue, meh. Now I can keep away from the menus, which leaves me much happier as configuration was sort of a pain.

  34. Michael Duclos

    July 6, 2015 — 4:45 am

    Sheesh. I just spent another half hour in disbelief this version removed shaders looking for the option to select them. I combed through every single menu(and thought it should be under video) and found nothing. This is a sad day for me because I used to love this app. I am referring to Android version btw. If there is a secret way, let me know. Otherwise I will have to find a new emulator that supports them. Old version was perfect in nearly every way. This was a big step backwards.

    1. load a game, then go back to the menu and there you go, Shader Options

      1. Michael Duclos

        July 6, 2015 — 5:14 am

        Not showing up for me. Just getting exact same menu as I get from selecting “load retroarch”.

        1. then select quick menu.
          the android menu (holo) is going away, you should load content and everything from the native menu

          1. Michael Duclos

            July 6, 2015 — 5:52 am

            My experience is now even worse. Toggled on OSD and saw previous and next shader. Neither button functioned. Thinking I may still have some old config messing things up, I reinstalled. Now it won’t even save config between app restarts. Keymaps for my controller and everything are now lost every time. I been using this program a long time. Sucks I may have to leave it because this is unusable. Reinstalled again. Same results.

          2. you HAVE to select exit retroarch for it to save.
            There are certain versions (ICS I think) that have issues saving configs.

            Keymaps are now using autoconfig files, there is still an odd bug preventing remapping to apply yes.

          3. Michael Duclos

            July 6, 2015 — 5:57 am

            I did that. Even tried the save new config option and still everything is lost on app restart.

          4. Michael Duclos

            July 6, 2015 — 6:05 am

            Ok did a last ditch and uninstalled then ran a junk file cleaner. It found some junk files from Retroarch. I then reinstalled and saving finally works again. But still, shader options is missing in action.

          5. Michael Duclos

            July 6, 2015 — 6:29 am

            Seems my last post disappeared. Uninstalling, using a junk file cleaner, then reinstalling got it saving again. Now I do see shader options. Which work best seems to differ from before. Had to bind menu to my controller or it gets wonky and stops taking controller input when bringing up menu. Hope the bugs are being worked on here. This was not a smooth upgrade and still lingering bugs. I was hoping to play tonight, but I work and spent too much time getting this new one to work to be able to play now. All previous upgrades were download and play.

  35. Chris Flowers

    July 6, 2015 — 9:08 am

    Will there be a way to load the Red Dragon Virtual Boy Cheats?

    Wario Land Cheats:

    CT: Infinite Time
    CC: 0-00087AA-00B0

    CT: Infinite Lives
    CC: 0-00087A4-0009

  36. Michael Duclos

    July 6, 2015 — 2:22 pm

    I still find a few bugs but it is usable. Interface needs work still. With that being said, I will raise my play store rating from 1 star to 3. Still sad considering this was a 5 star program all the way before. Maybe this is the “Windows Vista” release of retroarch, waiting for the polish of the “Windows 7” release :p

  37. Brandt Mackay

    July 6, 2015 — 3:32 pm

    Awesome news, really awesome, and can’t wait to try out the Android and Wii ports of this, keep it up! :3

  38. Finally found the option to change the menu display under driver settings but there is a bug when trying load the new config. It will crash the app, I had to renamed the retroarch-xxxx-xxxx.cfg file to retroarch.cfg then restart the app to find that the xmb has not touch option I’m running android 4.4.2

  39. @libretro-c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b:disqus So I have 1.2 installed through the testing ppa channel on Ubuntu 15.04. Problem is I when I start retroarch with my controller plugged in, there is no input ability whatsoever, if I unplug and replug my controller, it works fine. both keyboard and controller input. If i start a game or do anything that requires refreshing the UI, I have to unplug and replug the controller to get any input again. Please help.

    1. Sergio Benjamim

      July 7, 2015 — 5:38 am

      It’s working fine in 14.04 (tested here with PS3 joystick). You have a problem with udev (system side) or your joystick.

      1. Well considering version works flawlessly under 15.04 I’d assume it has something to do with the way version 1.2 uses udev now. Only seems to happen under 15.04 tho. Did I mention in using an Xbox one controller.

  40. I whish there would be a Windows phone version.

  41. earthboundenthusiast

    July 7, 2015 — 2:36 pm

    Pardon me if this is a stupid question, but is there any way to disable the initial Android screen, where you have to press “load retroarch” to load the new gui?

  42. Ricardo Inline

    July 7, 2015 — 4:19 pm

    Are there any guide on how to setup the boxart per core?

  43. I’m not seeing the PS3 version. Was it delayed? In the archives section, I don’t even see an older PS3 version…

    1. Hope Radius4 will estimate release time for PS3 version.

  44. Sega Saturn emulation iis choppy so is nds and n64, I know iis not my phone cause when I run same games iin other emulatorscthey work

    1. Sergio Benjamim

      July 8, 2015 — 7:46 pm

      Yabause does software renderer instead use GLES from your phone, so it’ll run slow yeah. DeSmuME does not have dynarec for ARM hardware (your phone), but DraStic has, this is why it’s faster in smartphones; you can’t compare them.

  45. Where is the PS3 version? Post says the 5th, it is now the 8th.

    1. The same question begs me as well! Hope Radius4 will enlighten us!

    2. Wii as well. It’s great that the previous generations of consoles still have development going on, both for emulators and emulation.

  46. Ok, just a heads up to the devs (to whom I’m most appreciative) that on my Android phone I even tried changing the GUI & then trying to go to the core updater screen & though not a black screen like the main GUI, just repeats ‘core updater” & have to quit out to get out of it. I read another new build will be out soon removing one the GUI’s so we’ll see if it’s ok then.

  47. Fradista Birka

    July 8, 2015 — 8:01 pm

    Cant wait for Ps3 version.

  48. Michael Duclos

    July 9, 2015 — 4:14 am

    Well been running for a few days. Menu bugs exist and must bind controller key to launch menu during play on Android. Have not found a way around this(back button did this in previous versions, which would be best for me). Otherwise, things get smoother once all is configured and running(no more delving into the menus), which seemed to require deletion of old configs in my case. The ability to chain shaders works well though be careful, certain ones do not play well together and cause lag and freeze city. I attribute this to incompatible code and limited device power as compared to a high end PC. Seems scalehq2x and the smart AA shaders work well together and look good for my output monitor.

  49. “RetroArch now lets you select between three menu display modes”, how?

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