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After hearing about Sheep It Up!’s physical cart release, Mega Cat Studios contacted us about their own physical NES releases:

New, artisinal gaming experiences for the original Nintendo.
We just listed some awesome new NES games for sale this AM. Including an awesome, one of a kind collectors edition.
Creepin It Reel is an NES chiptune album with NES rendered, officially licensed Dancing Pumpkin Man dance moves and a fully playable pachinko game full of treats.
Creepy Brawlers marries monster movies & boxing to the NES.  An achievement system, counter attacks and enemy evolutions to keep the scares high and health bars low.
Justice Duel is a four player couch co-op action game with a full featured single player campaign, mech-eagles in top hats and an array of weapons
All games are available for sale at megacatstudios.com.
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