An update on the progress we have been making on our new infrastructure

  • We have figured out a way for now to make Visual Studio-based cores that rely on CMake to build. So, Dolphin, Citra, PPSSPP, and DuckStation should now be building again for 64-bit Windows. Cores that rely on CMake will not be available yet for Mac/iOS, but we hope to figure that out soon as well.
  • Other MSVC cores (like cores for MSVC 2003/2005/2010 – cores for older Windows versions) have yet to be figured out since there are still problems with the Mingw/Msys environment we were reliant on for building some of these cores. There are some hurdles to overcome with our current Gitlab-based infrastructure.
  • We have been busy adding macOS ARM64-based cores. If you compile and build RetroArch Metal for Mac right now on your own Mac, it will point you to the Core Downloader where you will be able to grab these cores from.
  • Code signing will be figured out for Mac-provided cores and software soon.
  • RetroArch Mac nightlies/stables are coming soon.
  • The RetroArch installer for Windows is still unavailable and is coming soon.

We have also updated our previous blog post here.

You can see our current checklist here :

We are working hard on setting everything up again for the new infrastructure. After about a month of grueling work, the light at the end of the tunnel is nearly upon us, and we can’t wait to get back to regular development after this. After this is all over, we can push out a new RetroArch stable again (version 1.9.1.