A busy year passed by and there was a lot of silence on the Open-Hardware Project.

The promise of RetroArch Open-Hardware has always been open hardware with open software delivering an open solution.
We stand by this goal to this day, however we felt that the DIY market alone will not help the cause significantly to bring emulation to the mainstream.
Thus we partnered with a hardware manufacturer for a commercial release – bringing the peripheral into everyone’s hands – while still keeping a free and open DIY route.

With that in mind we are re-designing the hardware to be modular – meaning there would be a base unit & “addon modules” for other console hardware (the main focus for initial release will still be N64).
Our goal is to reach more people with this approach – while only slightly increasing the difficulty for DIY folks (req. of a second PCB).
If things go well, we could enter production in mid 2022 and have a product by the end of the year (knowing current global shipping tho, there will be some nightmares down the road).

To help gauge interest and keep the community up-to-date, we launch today the RetroArch Open-Hardware Newsletter & User survey!

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