RetroArch 1.9.14 has just been released.

Grab it here.

If you’d like to learn more about upcoming releases, please consult our roadmap here.

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Vulkan – Avoid hard crash when capturing screenshot in emulating mailbox

The emulating mailbox infrastructure is very hacky and needs a rethink to be able to properly support screenshots. Emulating mailbox is pretty nasty to begin with and should be considered a hack. The next version might have a setting to allow you to disable mailbox emulation entirely. Mailbox emulation as it is only takes effect in fullscreen mode.

Steam updates

We have been busy since 1.9.13! The following cores have been added:

RetroArch Steam now has 26 cores in total, and the 27th is about to be added soon, EasyRPG! Please look forward to future announcements of more cores coming to Steam soon.

Netplay improvements

Netplay has received plenty of improvements thanks to the efforts of Cthulhu. We have a lot more prepared for the next version, so consider this a prelude to the main event.

  • Added setting to allow/disallow players other than the host from pausing the game.
  • Added a sublabel for netplay max connections.
  • Changed unknown commands to be ignored instead of forcing a disconnection.
  • Fixed port override macro from not being set immediately after the port setting.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Show passworded rooms on lobby. Small improvement to the lobby viewer – it should now make a distinction between passworded rooms and non-passworded rooms.
  • uPnP: Fixes more memory leaks
  • uPnP: Added a task_queue_wait to prevent executing two nat tasks at once, so it’s also thread safe now
  • uPnp: Fix UPNP port mapping failed error – switch to a permanent lease time, but request it to be removed when we do netplay_free

For the next version, we will finally address the relay MITM server issues.

WiiU improvements

* Keyboard support has been fixed. The problem was caused by changing the driver lookup point. The deferred lookup resulted in the WIIU trying to treat the keyboard as a gamepad which …
didn’t work. This change short-circuits at the connection event by ignoring mouse &
keyboard connection events.

* Picodrive is now available for the WiiU, and this marks the first time there is a 32X emulator for WiiU, on top of it running at fullspeed.
* Caprice32 is now available for the WiiU.

Core improvements

As mentioned before, as part of Project IO, we are going over every core and performing some basic quality control checks. This already resulted in numerous Quality of Life enhancements to cores. Not all of the improvements listed below can be attributed to Project IO, but it’s fair to estimate over 90% of them are.


Description: This is a Commodore 64 home computer emulator

  • Updated to use VFS instead of straight file I/O (ProjectIO)
  • Core option sublabel adjustments
  • Audio detection for AutoLoadWarp
  • More moderate tape warp detection
  • Press play on tape change
  • Mapper additions
  • Dupecheck for disk append
  • More distinguishable light gun cursor
  • Diskwarp audio detection correction
  • Mute Datasette with Autoloadwarp
  • Diskwarp audio detection improvement
  • Autoloadwarp automuting fixes
  • Fix sound muting on rewind
  • Add Automatic Zoom Mode
  • Aspect toggle correction
  • Touch pointer cleanups


Description: This is a Nintendo Entertainment System console emulator

  • Add automatic Crowdin synchronization
  • Mapper 196: Support IRQ for The Ancient & Modern Heroes
  • Mapper 319: Use hp898f.c only for the old incorrect UNIF bank order, and 319.c for all NES 2.0 ROMs. Add CNROM mode and solder pad switch to the latter.
  • Mapper 57: Change default DIP for YH-xxx Olympic multicarts, always reset to menu
  • Mapper 178: Always reset to menu.
  • CNROM/UNROM: Only emulate bus conflicts when explicitly specified by NES 2.0 header
  • Added support for mapper 383
  • Add UNROM modes and two-chip variant to mapper 242
  • Add Realtec 8099 PCB support to mapper 236


Description: This is a Nintendo GameCube/Wii console emulator

  • Shake motions to middle mouse – Map Nunchuk and Wiimote shake to the middle mouse button.
  • Fix real Wiimote. Tested with a few games with a Dolphin Bar, works fine AFAICT 🙂 Still needs the “Continuous Scanning” core option ON to “pair” the Wiimote.
  • Remove analog properties for Classic Controller Pro + swap L/R and ZL/ZR


Description: This is a Nintendo Entertainment System console emulator

  • Add automatic Crowdin synchronization


Description: This is a Nintendo Entertainment System console emulator

  • Add automatic Crowdin synchronization

Beetle PSX

Description: This is a Sony PlayStation console emulator

  • Add core options to change crosshair color + remove light gun warnings
  • Add automatic Crowdin synchronization


Description: This is an Atari 7800 home console emulator from the ’80s

  • Fix base height. This system only have one resolution depending on if it is NTSC or PAL. Before it was even worse because it was always reporting a hardcoded 320×240 which is totally wrong, so better to output the correct one even if it is also hardcoded.


Description: This is an NEC PC-8800 series home computer emulator from the ’80s

  • Update core options to v2


Description: This is an MSX home computer emulator from the ’80s

Heavy improvements have been made to the fMSX core.

  • Upgrade to fMSX 6.0
  • Replace all direct file I/O access with VFS
  • Support screen 6 & 7 (512px wide)
  • Support all 8 specific values for fmsx_mapper_type_mode
  • To enable fMSX to take over DiskROM disk access routines, conform -simbdos/-wd1793 fMSX cmdline option.
  • Second joystick was already mapped into RetroArch, but never enabled on fMSX side.. Author comments: “Now I can finally play F1 Spirit side by side with my son ;)”
  • Implement -auto fMSX cmdline option, as RA option ‘fmsx_autospace’. This doesn’t feel right though – is ALWAYS on. Also during boot and game start. This IS the way fMSX itself implements it, but I doubt if this feature is very useful.
  • Fix keyboard map: some keys where registering twice, and shifted keys did not need to be mapped
  • Add option fmsx_allsprites, which shows all sprites, i.e., lifts a video chip hardware limitation, which is reproduced faithfully by default. Makes for just a tad nicer (though less nostalgic) playing experience in games like Zanac.
  • Add option fmsx_font, to load a fixed text font
  • Optionally load .pal, automatically (was introduced in fMSX 4.0)
  • Finally support .cas tape, with autostart to convenience keyboardless platforms.
  • Fix maximum VRAM size – 192KiB (12 pages) was selectable in libretro.c but capped at 128KiB in MSX.c.
  • Support maximum RAM size (256 pages of 16KiB = 4MiB)
  • Remove unused code and features – remove dead code & unused features: effects, image-related code, dummy HID methods Keyboard() & GetJoystick(), debug console-related code, I8251.c/h serial COM, printer, EMULib.c, LoadFile()
  • Support fmsx CHT and bluemsx MCF cheat files – MCF support was already rudimentary present in fMSX.
  • implement multidisk (.m3u) support using code borrowed from bluemsx-libretro
  • retro_unload_game(): invoke TrashMSX() and solve free() problem related to getcwd()/WorkDir
  • explicitly #define NUM_FDI_DRIVES 4 (differs from MAXDRIVES, which is 2 for MSX!)
  • rework PATCH_Z80 Makefile cfg
  • fix 192kB VRAM using proper bitmask


Description: This is a Sony PlayStation2 console emulator

  • Add “Fast Texture Invalidation” hack core option
  • Add core options categories
  • GS-ogl: Put GL_ARB_get_texture_sub_image code under a define.
    Code is currently disabled, no need to check for the extension.


Description: This is a Game Boy Advance portable handheld emulator

Improved audio frame pacing

Previously, the core was susceptible to crackling audio, particularly when using low frontend audio latency settings.

This is because the core was handling audio output suboptimally. At the set audio sample rate, the frontend expected between 1097 and 1098 audio samples per frame – but the core was sending samples in multiples of 256. This means that the audio output becomes ‘desynchronised’ with retro_run() – sometimes 1024 samples will get sent to the frontend for the current frame, sometimes 1280 as the core either falls behind or overcompensates. As a result, when the frontend tries to synchronise on audio, jitter can occur – and if the frontend audio buffer is small (when using low latency values), it can sometimes run dry or reach capacity, causing crackling.

1.9.14 modifies audio handling such that the correct expected number of samples is sent to the frontend in proper synchronisation with retro_run(). This greatly improves audio quality, even on the notoriously crackly Mother 3.

To demonstrate the effect of this, here are a couple of figures measured from the core on a Linux desktop with an audio latency setting of 64 ms, averaged over 5k frames:

Time spent close to audio buffer underrun:

* Current master: 8.68 %
* With this PR: 2.37 %

In addition, a Miyoo port has also been added.


Description: This is a Quake 2 game engine core

Now, this core got some big and much-needed improvements!

* Fixes segfaults (which prevented the core from even running on many platforms) due to:
* Illegal use of strcpy() when handling path strings
* Illegal use of realloc() in the memory ‘hunk’ handling code
* Severe memory corruption when using the Software renderer: an extern struct was created in one file then used in another with a different type definition, such that half the members were pointing to invalid addresses…
* Moves all core-generated files (saves + config.cfg) to the frontend save directory (these were previously dumped in the game directory)
* Removes irrelevant entries from the in-game menu (the multiplayer, options, etc. menus had no purpose in the libretro core)
* Fixes screen blanking behind the in-game menu when using the OpenGL renderer
* Updates the core options to v2 format
* Clarifies existing core option labels/sublabels
* Adds a core options category for input-related settings
* Adds new core option: Gamma Level
* Allows gamma correction for both Software and OpenGL renderers
* Adds new OpenGL core option: [GL] Brightness
Sets overall ‘environment’ brightness when using the OpenGL renderer
Default OpenGL brightness has been set to a usable level (previously almost nothing could be seen…)
* Adds new OpenGL core option: [GL] Texture Filtering
Allows selection of linear or nearest-neighbour filtering for textures, with ‘HQ’ variants that improve mipmap handling (reducing the movement-induced ‘shimmer’ effect on floor/ceiling textures)
* Adds new core option: Analog Deadzone
Used to eliminate controller drift
* Adds new core option: Auto Run
Enables running by default
* Adds new core option: Camera Sensitivity
Sets the speed of camera movement using the right analog stick
* Fixes gamepad mapping (and adds proper input descriptors) by replacing the botched copy/paste code from tyrquake. The default controls are now laid out as follows:
JOYPAD_LEFT: Open Inventory
JOYPAD_RIGHT: Use Inventory Item
JOYPAD_B: Menu Cancel
JOYPAD_A: Menu Select
JOYPAD_Y: Next Weapon
JOYPAD_R: Crouch / Descend
JOYPAD_L2: Jump / Climb
JOYPAD_R2: Attack
JOYPAD_R3: Drop Inventory Item
JOYPAD_SELECT: Show / Hide Help Computer
* Fixes rumble functionality (previously, the Rumble core option did nothing…)
* Fixes mirrored controls when using the Software renderer with the OpenGL-only [GL] Mirror Mode core option enabled
* Improves the uniformity of left/right and up/down camera movement speed (previously, up/down motion was too fast)
* Ensures a valid framerate is selected when the Framerate core option is set to Auto (previously this would fail if display refresh rate was set to e.g. 59.950 Hz)
* Ensures core is properly shut down when ‘closing content’ via the frontend
* Fixes a number of memory leaks
* Replace direct file access with VFS routines
* Music support – adds support for playback of CD audio tracks. Music must be in OGG format, placed inside the /music folder.
* Ensure that resolutions incompatible with the software renderer cannot be selected (the software renderer caps out at 1920×1200, and breaks with aspect ratios less than 4/3)
* New OpenGL core option: [GL] HUD Scale Factor
Adjusts the scale of on-screen HUD icons/text and in-game menus. A value of 1.00 will draw elements at the size expected when running the original game at a native resolution of 320×240. A value of 0.00 will draw elements with 1:1 (pixel perfect) scaling
* New core option: Force 4:3 for Cinematics
When enabled (set by default), all videos (introductions, cutscenes) will be displayed at the correct aspect ratio of 4:3. If disabled, videos will be stretched to fill the screen
* New core option: Accurate Aiming
When enabled, weapons will target the exact centre of the aiming crosshair. This modifies the behaviour of the original game, where shooting is slightly inaccurate and projectiles intentionally drift
Core option Show Crosshair additions: Users can now select White Cross, Red Dot or Red Angle images to use as an aiming crosshair
* Bug fix: The aiming crosshair is now scaled to match other HUD elements
* Bug fix: OpenGL dynamic shadows are now rendered correctly (previously, the [GL] Dynamic Shadows core option did nothing…)
* Bug fix: The OpenGL functions Draw_Fill() and Draw_FadeScreen() now operate as intended (several benefits, including a ‘proper’ semi-transparent fade effect behind in-game menus)
* Bug fix: The software renderer no longer generates heap-buffer-overflows when scaling cinematics at certain resolutions

Fix compatibility with expansion packs + add expansion pack cores

All three Quake II expansion pack cores are now available on the buildbot. In addition, each core build will fail to load content – and provide an appropriate error notification – if the wrong PAK file is selected (e.g. if the user attempts to load the rouge expansion with the xatrix core).

The list of expansion packs is as follows:
* Quake II: The Reckoning (xatrix)
* Quake II: Ground Zero (rogue)
* Quake II: Zaero (


Description: This is a Magnavox Oddysey 2 console emulator

1.9.14 fixes the following audio-related issues previously affecting the core:

* Before, the audio sample rate was set entirely incorrectly (I believe due to a misunderstanding when the core was originally ported). A fixed output sample rate was used which does not match the internal generated sample rate – such that the last ~30% of the samples generated each frame were simply discarded (!). This has now been rectified. (Note that we have to do some internal resampling to 2/3 of the internally generated rate, since the default rate is so high/unusual that it causes poor performance of the sinc resampler used by RetroArch)
* Before, the Audio Volume core option was applied incorrectly when the value was set below 100%, creating a non-zero ‘silence’ level. This has been fixed.
* The Voice implementation previously used the libretro-common audio_mixer.h/.c code. This cannot be used directly by a core, since it relies on certain global variables; if the core is build statically then calling audio_mixer functions will create conflicts with RetroArch itself. 1.9.14 therefore replaces the mixer code with a core-specific core_audio_mixer.h/.c copy of the library.
* Previously, the mixing of The Voice into the main audio stream was not quite correct: it just added the voice, without dealing with clipping issues. This has been fixed, by using the audio mixer code ‘as intended’.
* In addition, a new Voice Volume option has been added to allow the volume of The Voice to be set independently from sound effects.

NOTE: Voice support is disabled for the Emscripten port.


Description: This is a Sony PSP game handheld console emulator

* Move audio callback to the main thread (fixes the longstanding hang
issues when using OpenGL)
* 64ms on desktop isn’t enough due to excess buffering going on in this
emulator. Set default to 128ms instead for now.
* Different audio approach is necessary due to the following: it sets a
fixed framerate of 60, then sends either too many or too few audio
samples per frame in order to force the frontend to run at the correct
speed (.e.g. making the frontend run in slow motion for games that run
at 30fps) – this is undesirable for libretro, we want a consistent
amount of audio samples per batch.

Miscellaneous core improvements

  • 81/EightyOne: Add RetroFW port
  • Beetle Supergrafx: Use VFS instead of direct file I/O
  • Beetle Wswan: Fix v30mz regression (again)
  • Caprice32: [event] changed mouse pointer to absolute position
  • Caprice32: [event] better first the default mouse mode code.
  • Caprice32: [KoS] little fix to avoid render problem on WiiU
  • Caprice32: Should work now on WiiU
  • Caprice32: [KoS] changed to RETRO_DEVICE_ID_POINTER_PRESSED
  • Caprice32: [dsk] clean base
  • Caprice32: [fdc,slots] new loader endian compatible WIP
  • Caprice32: [loader] compatible wiiu basic loader.
  • Boom3: Add automatic Crowdin synchronization
  • Cannonball: remove XML config file loading/saving – settings are stored in core options file instead
  • Dosbox Core: Correct disassembly of some FPU instructions.
  • Dosbox Core: don’t do dual writes to opl2
  • Dosbox Core: Add proper opl3 handling of the waveform select to dbopl
  • FBA2012 CPS1: Add automatic Crowdin synchronization
  • FBA2012 CPS2: Add automatic crowdin synchronization
  • Gambatte: Add automatic crowdin synchronization
  • Beetle Lynx: Don’t tell software this is emulation
  • FBNeo: (libretro) xybots remapping
  • FBNeo: (libretro) llander remapping
  • FBNeo: megadrive update from gab75
  • FBNeo: nes update from gab75
  • FBNeo: gijoe: all clones have a 4 players mode
  • FBNeo: gaelco: modernize driver, fix thoop stg. 4 crash
  • FBNeo: atarivad, fix runahead w/some games using this
  • FBNeo: tempest: add some hacks
  • FBNeo: msx update from gab75
  • FBNeo: d_taitof2.cpp: add Majestic Twelve – The Space Invaders Part IV (US)
  • FBNeo: batman, more drums volume, vad offset, ssriders oops
  • FBNeo: xmen6p, note about resetting
  • FBNeo: In Your Face (inyourfa), fix priority
  • FBNeo: ssriders, fix # of players
  • FBNeo: speccy update c/o gab75
  • FBNeo: galaxian, update pisces date
  • FBNeo: 7z: fix cpp ODR (second attempt)
  • FBNeo: spectrum fix 48k’s ay
  • FBNeo: vector, underp mode change
  • FBNeo: video, less derpy mode changes for megadrive, etc
  • FBNeo: grdnstrm: also fix clones’s dips
  • FBNeo: grdnstrm: fix dips
  • FBNeo: sms: update Voyage – A Sorceress Vacation to 1.05
  • FBNeo: ssv, buffer spriteram for every game in driver
  • FBNeo: d_namcos2.cpp: added Mirai Ninja (Japan, set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli]
  • FBNeo: d_cps1: marked forgottnj as a prototype, it’s an unfinished version of the game
  • FBNeo: d_hyperpac.cpp: added New HyperMan (3-in-1 with Cookie & Bibi & Hyper Man) (set 2) [jordigahan]
  • FBNeo: d_cps1.cpp: Fixed 2 players mode DIP switch for sf2cejx and sf2hfj.
  • FBNeo: spectrum update from gab75
  • FBNeo: williams, add Playball!, fix lottofun
  • FBNeo: lua: fix window not opening after closing a game w/lua console opened
  • FBNeo: cbombers, undrfire: impl. contrast/luma settings as recommended by Tatsuya79
  • FBNeo: ssv, experimental lag fix plus fix pastelis 2p split screen mode
  • FBNeo: d_m107.cpp: hiscore support
  • FBNeo: ssv, add spritebuffering to stmblade to fix lines in stage 6, cleanup a little
  • FBNeo: experimental cheat fix for midway (mk/umk3/etc) games
  • FBNeo: md, updates from gab75
  • FBNeo: megadrive palette fix (0 bit ignored)
  • FBNeo: sys16b doesnt have highlights, only shadows. i think? revert if breaks something
  • FBNeo: add ktiger2p [DsNo]
  • Genesis Plus GX: Fetch translations & Recreate libretro_core_options_intl.h
  • Handy: Add automatic Crowdin synchronization
  • Lutro Pong: Alpha opacity fixes
  • LRMAME2003: Fix white crosshair color in some games
  • LRMAME2003: Fix wiiu rotation – ported from 2003+ grant2258
  • LRMAME2003: Adjust tempest volume
  • LRMAME2003: Update core_options.c
  • LRMAME2003: Flag cheat input port content
  • LRMAME2003: Fix cheat input ports defender and stargate
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: New working game Kyukyoku Tiger (Japan, 2 Players)
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Use absolute to compare against threshold
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Use new scaling function
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Account for all sample rates – also correct labels to Hz
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Tempest volume – Volume seems very low, adjusted to MAME2010 value
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Change default for audio skew
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Use libretro rotations when available and let mame sort anything that needs to be rotated – let MAME do rotations when ra fails
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Improve the Priority Prom – Fixes some graphical problems in the mini game when the screen zooms in which was broken previously, with thanks to dink and the FBN dev team
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: In Your Face improvements
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Fix rotations when rotations are disabled or not supported
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Lethal Enforcers gun read
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Crypt Killer gun read
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Undrfire crosshairs and cleanups
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Lightgun crosshair appearance core option
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Jpark uses analog / le2_flip fix for le2u
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: fix SHA1 ktiger2p
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Tidy up enhanced crosshair shape
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Lethal Enforcers 2 fix gun reload top and bottom
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Lethal Enforcers 2 color fix hack
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Fix Lethal Enforcers 2 left side reload
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Thunder Hoop and Squash refresh rate protection fixes – prevents Thunder Hoop from crashing on level 4 and insert coin text sticking on screen after you continue in Squash
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Fix white crosshair color in some games
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Bbusters fix gfx and gun calibration
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Update namcos2.c
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Player specific crosshair tracking
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Failsafe if CONTENT_LIGHTGUN_COUNT equals zero
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Tag player number draw_crosshair
  • LRMAME2003 Plus: Drawgfx – reset full array
  • mGBA: Add automatic Crowdin synchronization
  • Mu: Add pdb to the extensions list
  • PPSSPP: Reimplement audio
  • Picodrive: Fix loading of SMS/GG ROMs
  • Picodrive: sound, fix ym2612 ladder effect, add option
  • Picodrive: 32x, fix DMA mem-2-mem copying for big endian
  • Picodrive: sound, add ym2612 channel clipping, ladder effect
  • Picodrive: sms, set non-TMR images to region Japan
  • PocketCDG: Replace direct file I/O access with VFS
  • Pokemini: Add 7x (672×448) video scale
  • Prboom: Update core options to v2 and automatic Crowdin synchronization
  • SameBoy: Update the SameBoy core with latest changes
  • SameBoy: Add GB_is_cgb_in_cgb_mode
  • SameBoy: Add memory write callback, optimize memory access with likely/unlikely
  • SameBoy: Add a safe memory read API
  • SameBoy: Initial MBC7 support
  • SameBoy: Mouse controls for MBC7
  • SwanStation: Latest updates
  • VirtualJaguar: Fix 39 & 54 numpad controller/keyboard mapping
  • Yabause: Add automatic Crowdin synchronization



  • ANDROID/PLAYSTORE: Bump up SDK level to 30 to comply with Play Store policies
  • AUDIO/MIXER: Increase sample buffer padding
  • CHEEVOS: Disallow achievements when spectating netplay
  • CHEEVOS: Fix need-to-activate achievement logic for non-hardcore
  • CHEEVOS: Don’t queue rewind re-init if already on main thread
  • CHEEVOS: Ignore unofficial achievements unless setting is enabled
  • CHEEVOS: Use SSL host when available
  • CHEEVOS: Validate hashes for secondary discs in multi-disc games
  • CHEEVOS: Ensure placard is initialized on main thread when game has no achievements
  • CHEEVOS: Audit achievement settings defaults and visibility
  • CHEEVOS: Show error message when no password provided
  • CHEEVOS: Use widget for game loaded achievement progress
  • CONFIG: Honor config_save_on_exit when Reboot/Shutdown is called
  • DISK CONTROL: Focus on current content entry in Disk Control append/insert
  • FRAMEDELAY: Auto Frame Delay Improvements – swap interval handling, D3DX handling, and delay target resets also on core restart. It should now work with high refresh rates and also with Direct3D 10/11/12 drivers
  • INPUT/GYRO/ACCELEROMETER/ANDROID: Re-enable Gyroscope & Accelerometer when RetroArch resumes or regains focus
  • INPUT/HID: Fix gamepad disconnect on unrecognized HID device
  • LAKKA: Patch to fix keyboard typing
  • LAKKA: CD-ROM eject menu item
  • LAKKA/BLUETOOTH: Add option to remove pairing
  • LAKKA/SWITCH: Disable rumble gain
  • LAKKA/SWITCH: Disable cpu scaling, uses its own CPU governor
  • LOGGING: Logging cleanups. A bunch of unifications and reformattings (capitalizations, dots, quotes, prefixes etc). Also added a few missing things, such as Run-Ahead error logging and LED interface init logging when it is enabled.
  • NETPLAY: Networking – should not print country for a local lobby
  • NETPLAY: Added setting to allow/disallow players other than the host from pausing the game.
  • NETPLAY: Added a sublabel for netplay max connections.
  • NETPLAY: Fixed port override macro from not being set immediately after the port setting.
  • NETPLAY: Show passworded rooms on lobby
  • NETWORK: Make HTTP header parsing case insensitive
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Fixed memory leaks
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Added a task_queue_wait to prevent executing two nat tasks at once, so it’s also thread safe now
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Switch to a permanent lease time, but request it to be removed when we do netplay_free. Switch to a permanent lease time, but request it to be removed when we do netplay_free.
  • NETWORK/UPNP: Only use a single interface for UPnP, return on the first one found instead of iterating over all of them and opening them one by one
  • OVERLAYS: Revert changes
  • RETROFW: Add OSS audio
  • VIDEO/ROTATION: Always return false if rotation can’t occur. RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_ROTATION should return false when rotation has been forcefully disabled in frontend, that way the core can decide if aspect ratio should be rotated or not for vertical games. Useful for FBNeo for instance.
  • VULKAN: Avoid hard crash when capturing screenshot in emulating mailbox.
  • WIIU: Make wiiu_gfx_load_texture code safer
  • WIIU: Fix keyboard support.