A ninjafix release was just pushed for RetroArch 1.9.13. This overwrites the current 1.9.13 build. Download it here.

The main reason for this was that the overlays had been changed in 1.9.13. This would lead to many people’s existing overlay config files being broken due to the paths no longer working. So we changed it back to defaults. We apologize for the inconvenience. For example, because of this, the default overlay for Android would fail to start, and some overlays for 3DS would fail to show up.

Several Cheevos-related fixes have also been pushed.


  • ANDROID/PLAYSTORE: Bump up SDK level to 30 to comply with Play Store policies
  • CHEEVOS: Fix need-to-activate achievement logic for non-hardcore
  • CHEEVOS: Don’t queue rewind re-init if already on main thread
  • CHEEVOS: Ignore unofficial achievements unless setting is enabled
  • NETPLAY: Networking – should not print country for a local lobby
  • NETPLAY: Add Text Chat functionality
  • OVERLAYS: Revert changes
  • VIDEO/ROTATION: Always return false if rotation can’t occur.
  • RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_ROTATION should return false when rotation has been forcefully disabled in frontend, that way the core can decide if aspect ratio should be rotated or not for vertical games. Useful for FBNeo for instance.
  • WIIU: Make wiiu_gfx_load_texture code safer