In this post I’ll try to summarize all the changes made to RetroArch since the last version ( It’s by no means complete but it gives a general overview of what has changed.

Note that the iOS version is still upcoming.


Mupen64 – W coordinate for vertices now properly set according to per-game depth bias. Should fix most of the texture wobbling issues in games.

Mupen64 – Fixed ‘No Controller connected’ issue in Banjo-Tooie.

Mupen64 – Uses refactored audio RSP plugin, includes numerous fixes such as improved MusyX support, etc.

Mupen64 – Glide64 refactoring  – Optimized dither noise code – is now done on the GPU entirely.

Mupen64 – Glide64 refactoring – codebase has been cleaned up significantly, code duplication cut down on.

Mupen64 – (Non-mobile versions) – Three-point filtering option instead of just bilinear filtering. The N64 used an inferior form of bilinear filtering called 3-sample (or 3-point) filtering. Textures were made with this in mind so many look a lot better with point filtering vs. bilinear.

Screenshot comparison here:

Genesis Plus GX – Aspect ratio changes are now applied correctly.

Genesis Plus GX – Other changes.

Mednafen VB – Added Core Options for Virtual Boy – Anaglyph/Palette.

Mednafen (All) – Should correctly save SRAM to save directory now.

SNES9x – Memory leak fixes and some other improvements.

Nestopia – Core updates.

3DEngine – New core. A combination of all other 3D tech demos so far along with advanced libretro features like camera support, GPS/location services, etc. Can also be used to display still pictures (JPEG/PNG). JPEG support is buggy right now.

VBA-M – Adds Code Breaker/Game Shark support (by using cheat files).

FBA core – No more hardcoded 1024×1024 frame buffer – is now set dynamically. Should in most cases free up around 3MB of system RAM.

RetroArch GX – Gamecube/Wii

– More screen resolutions.

– Overlay support.

– Faster blitting – inlined lots of GX functions.

RetroArch OSX 

– Joypads should work now.

– Analog mapping to D-pad works now for all cores.

– All the changes made to RGUI since the last release (Core Information, reorganized Settings, possible to map frontend actions to gamepad buttons/analog axes, etc)

RetroArch Android

– Should fix App Not Responding issue that happened with overlays and threaded video.

– All the changes made to RGUI since the last release (Core Information, reorganized Settings, possible to map frontend actions to gamepad buttons/analog axes, etc)

24 thoughts on “RetroArch Changelog

  1. “RetroArch GX – Gamecube/Wii
    – Faster blitting – inlined lots of GX functions.”

    Sorry for ask, but is this faster for every core or something like that? Specially for VBA-Next

    1. It won’t result in any big FPS increases that’s for sure – it mainly just cuts down video latency since it avoids a lot of function call overhead (plus some other changes).

  2. In Android, installing Retroarch from scratch, I can’t find FBA core, is it wanted?

    1. it should be there, it’s being investigated

      1. I can’t seem to get the FBA core even with a download from Google Play. It *used* to be there but then I reinstalled and its no longer there…

        1. yeah it’s know by now, will be fixed on next version

          1. Ah great, thanks, just downloading, I guess it was this one I had before…

          2. Hi , Same issue on wii with , after a new install , i can choose core and launch game , all is ok and when i want to change core , Retroarch can’t find core

  3. When you say iOS is still upcoming, do you mean that you are working on a version that you can install from the device over the air?

    1. No, I mean the jailbreak/Cydia version, which has been released just now.

      I’m not going to get involved with OTA stuff to non-jailbroken devices – Apple doesn’t like this and will come down hard on offenders in the future. Don’t mess with commercial companies’ infrastructure if you don’t want to get burned.

      1. Well people have used the RetroArch download and did get it to work with OTA. The install doesn’t work now, though.

        1. It works here, can you be more specific?

          1. What I mean is, someone has taken one of the versions from the downloads page, made tweaks and distributed it for non jailbreakers

          2. Yes that’s the nature of opensource… some people can take the code add some advertisements, rebadge it and distribute it… not much can be done about that.

  4. On original xbox I noticed some video jitter with the snes9x-next core with Chrono Trigger. It’s not always present, seems to occur kind of randomly, if I load the same state file with in a few times it’ll happen (sometimes it happens on the first load). I’m using custom aspect ratio, soft flicker and flicker filter, I’m not using the integer scale. This didn’t happen in 0.9.9, I didn’t use very long due to custom aspect ratio not working so I don’t know if it happened in that version.

  5. Congrats on the great emu. Here’s some bugs/suggestions for the Wii version:

    -It’s not possible to remap the Wiimote buttons when there’s no attachments present. It prompts for a button press but stays like that forever until you attach something and then press a button. This is a problem with systems like the GBA, because you can’t map L and R to the otherwise
    unused B and A.

    -There seems to be something wrong with the config saving. Each time I start the emu, change the resolution and select “save configuration”, the “retroarch.cfg” text above automatically changes to the whatever core was last used, even if “configuration per core” is turned off.

    -Also, is it possible to save the SRAM when the SRAM auto-save timer is disabled?

    -Since some systems don’t work at full speed (and play choppy sounds) depending on certain visual effects (ie. battles in GBA Mother 3) and this hinders the flow of the gameplay, would it be possible to implement an “allow frameskipping” option?

    -The “Aspect ratio” option doesn’t seem to be working. Nothing changes when I set it to something else.

    -Is there an automatic way of making the vertical stretch as “1 line of resolution = 1 exact pixel’s height”? With all the available screen resolutions, having a 1:1 vertical mode working together with the automatic aspect ratio would be incredibly useful for getting a clean image.

    -Is the so-called “double strike” display option planned to be implemented? I remember it making things look great in Wiimednafen.

  6. RetroArch Wii v1.0.0.2 | WiiDatabase
  7. There is no RetroArch Windows version, is it planned for later with Win 8 or something like that?

    1. Well it’s simple enough to build so I guess most of us just did and didn’t focus. The dev is planning on making Windows releases more important eventually. I’ll try to build a megapack this weekend.

      1. Sounds good to me, thanks a lot!!

  8. Besides the other stuff I’ve pointed out, I’ve also noticed a problem that has been present since the first version I remember trying, which affects both the GUI and the gameplay (using any core).

    It seems that, when you tap a direction, there’s a chance that it will get stuck, making the character or menu selection to keep moving towards that direction, until another one is pressed.

    I guess that a “button released” command might be getting ignored when it should be read in the frame right after the “button pressed” command… or something. Needless to say, this can lead to many unexpected mishaps while playing.

    1. Oh and forgot to say, the Power button doesn’t turn off the console.

  9. I got the ipega 9025 and have an issue with the n64. I connect it normally via the ios bluetooth and as the retroarch has only icade and keyboard mode i can connect it with B (icade) or A (keyboard) mode. Now while both modes work perfectly with snes, gba etc, i have a major issue in N64. In icade mode the right analog stick does not function by default so i cannot use/map the C buttons. In keyboard mode while it registers everything (including both analogs) and after I check and clear for duplicates in the meta keys section that might freeze the app, the buttons work but neither of the 2 analogs work. I would be grateful if someone knows how to fix that issue. Why don’t you add a joystick mode (the X-mode) that supposedly includes everything properly like true analog sticks.

  10. Hey there, I’m playing Abe’s Exoddus. How do I change to Disc 2 when the game prompts me? I put in Disc 2 by loading it, but it then asks me to install Disc 1. Can anyone help me out?

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