Sheep It Up! Homebrew Gets a Physical Cart Release

Our good friend Dr. Ludos writes with some exciting news:

I kept working on Sheep It Up, and I’m proud to announce you that it’s now available on actual Game boy cartridges:

As a game collector myself, I wanted this game to be produced without sacrificing any vintage Gameboy titles. So everything is manufactured specifically for this game: the pcb, the rom, the shell, the protective case and even the sticker! We also tried to keep the price reasonable, so everyone can enjoy the game: $15 (+shipping). It will run on any Gameboy model, from the first one to the GBA SP, including the Super Game Boy.

And here is a short gameplay video (GIF format) and a selection of screenshots:

Feel free to share the news to the Game boy owners you may know :)!

Sheep It Up! is also available for download through RetroArch’s online updater feature. It’s a lot of fun and has become my go-to test ROM for Game Boy cores.