RetroArch 1.7.8 v4 has just been released. Another point fix release, but it has some important changes especially for iOS and Retro Achievements users.

Grab it here.

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For all other details surrounding version 1.7.8, we refer you to our original article here.


  • COMMON: Enable customisation of runtime ‘last played’ display format
  • CHEEVOS: Add hashing support for PSX (bin/cue, chd, or real CD) (for real this time, got added in the CHANGELOG for v2 then reverted before it hit release)
  • IOS: Update for iOS 13, fix the asset packaging issues
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese Brazilian Translation
  • MENU: Add 12-hour time/date versions of all formats
  • SWITCH: Add ‘AI Service’ option to Switch (untested)
  • SWITCH: Update to newest libnx toolchain