We are going to release a new hotfix update soon, probably called RetroArch 1.8.3. This will not be a spectacular new release but a necessary patch/bugfix release.

We will also be releasing more information soon about many exciting Libretro core developments that have happened recently.

Netplay Relay server updates

– We fixed a critical bug that would cause all players to be disconnected from the relay server if one player was leaving the game. That bug had been open for one year and we were finally able to fix it.

Fix the “spectator” bug when using the relay server – When a player switches into the spectator mode (pressing “i”) while using the relay server, all players will disconnect.

– Overall stability has also improved. We fixed a memory leak that would cause the relay server to become unresponsive after some time.

We also updated our relay server infrastructure so that we can roll out new server locations easier should the need arise. This also enables us to roll out server fixes faster.


There is one on our roadmap that we are going to address soon:

  • Fix the “header bug” when using the relay server –
    Currently some client combination can’t play together using the relay server, since they get a “invalid header” error message when joining the netplay session . For example, some Android devices can suffer from this with a netplay session hosted by a PC user.

You don’t need to upgrade your current RetroArch version to benefit from these improvements. It’s all server-bound.