I know I’m not Squarepusher, I’m just the random guy that helps out every once in a while. Anyways I want to say sorry for the downtime with the forums everyone. To put a long story short, we had lost the server to what we thought was some issue of the host going down, so we were frantically trying to find a way to scrape various cache deposits from search engines and what not, move the blog over to libretro.com and on top of that get everything integrated.

Now that everything has moved, we have learned a little more in regards to what happened with the forums, we believe there was a dns update with the old host and we didn’t really get what happened and it basically dropped us in a bit of a panic, so the old forums were running at least. So we took the opportunity (especially since the work was already done to get the blog and forum integrated at least) to backup the SQL database of the old forum and migrate everything over to the new forum, so every post is saved, every user is saved. But we strongly urge every user to change their passwords to be on the safe side. The forum link is in the menu above. Happy posting everyone and again on behalf of the libretro team, we apologize for the downtime.

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  1. I am S7800 developer, I want this emulator can support key mapping.

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