RetroArch-PSP running inside of libretro-PPSSPP via RetroArch

ToadKing unveiled what he’s been working on lately: a libretro port of PPSSPP! Meanwhile, aliaspider and Squarepusher have been working on porting RetroArch to Sony’s PSP. Put these two works-in-progress together and you have the first instance of RetroArch-ception.

Hopefully, one or both of these projects will be ready for the upcoming 1.1 release (formerly planned to be called, but there are enough major changes even without these to warrant a more significant version bump). Even if they don’t make it, though, savvy users can always checkout and build the code from their respective repositories on github.

11 thoughts on “RetroArch in Your RetroArch

  1. Really excited about 1.1 release, any Eta?

    1. Soon™

      Seriously though, it’ll probably be another few weeks at this rate.

      1. it will out when it’s ready

  2. Well, this explains why the update went past the scheduled “within 2 weeks” deadline in May. Keep at it, I can’t wait for 1.1!

  3. It better have the input issues fixed where it would not be usable at all in emucr revisions with my Logitech Keyboard.
    I also hope for analog mapping to be possible for proper N64 controls.
    (Analog mapping is listed in the green box GUI,but not the damn main Android app screens)
    The N64 Mupen core crashes after switching to Rice. (best plugin for running Banjo-Tooie fast enough with decent graphics while Glide is too slow.

    I really want to see a different N64 core on Android besides Mupen such as MESS,Mednafen (if there is one),Daedalus,or 1964.

    Or heck,just a stand-alone port of any other N64 emu to Android,even if it is Cen64.

    I went to the extra length of copying the cores folder of the latest emucr build,uninstalling it,re-installing the stable Play Store version,and pasting the emucr build’s cores folder into the com.retroarch folder to overwrite the stable version’s.
    It was successfull in running Yabause with working controls on Sonic R,which obviously runs horribly because the lack of better Sega Saturn emulation on Android.
    The “UME” core from the emucr build fails to work for me and just opens the GUI menu.

    1. Saturn emulation is not lacking on Android. It’s lacking altogether. There aren’t any decent emulators.

      The MESS and UME cores and even many MAME games are too heavy for most android devices and they are quite advanced, you have to know how to use them.

      Use this guide as a reference

      1. It is a lot more solid on PC with two additional Sega Saturn emulators that outranked Yabause like Satourne and SSF.

        SSF is still around with the latest emucr compiled build just this year on May 19th.
        It runs Sonic R properly since 2009 and maybe earlier.
        I wished Yabause ran Sonic R properly or that other options would arrive on Android such as SSF or unexpectedly,Satourne.

  4. So basically what you are telling me is that there will be PSP games added into the Arsenal that is known as Retroarch?

    When will we get the Standalone “Super Game Boy” Core that uses both the BSNES core and gambatte core combined together to only play Super Game Boy Compatable games? I hope that is a possibility because I desperately need a surefire way to play Super Game Boy Games in a simple process.

    1. it has worked for some time but it needed some commandline tricks.
      Now there is a subsystem for that but it is not implemented and no ETA, it’s not a priority as far as I know

  5. Now all we need is Sega Model 2 emulation for Sonic The Fighters/Sonic Championship and other games.
    Too bad no other platform has it besides Windows for some reason.
    Why has nobody made any Sega Model 2 emulators for Linux or other platforms?

    I hope the UME/MESS core gets working properly.
    Or maybe someone can release a stand-alone Android port of MESS/UME?
    I still wished there was more choices for N64 emulation besides the slow Mupen.

    1. The only decent Model 2 emulator is closed source, so it’s not possible to port it over.
      should be possible to emulate the GameCube port of the game (part of
      Sonic Gems Collection) on Linux with Dolphin, but that would be slower
      than native Model 2 emulation I assume.

      MESS is about ten times slower (no exaggeration) than Mupen64, which is the fastest crossplatform N64 emulator around.
      It’s still being worked on and there are already some plans to improve it further in terms of both speed and compatibility, but all of this will take a while.

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