This is an important bugfix release of RetroArch 1.7.8. It has just been released! Grab it here.

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For all other details surrounding version 1.7.8, we refer you to our original article here.


  • 3DS: Fix 3DS startup crash
  • AI SERVICE: Fix ‘Japanese’ setting
  • D3D12: Fix runtime error at startup
  • CHEEVOS: Fix Achievements badges
  • CHEEVOS: Add hashing support for PSX (bin/cue, chd, or real CD)
  • GLCORE: Fix regression – shaders don’t work
  • IOS: Use launch storyboard to properly support all screen sizes
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Korean translation
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation
  • MENU/XMB: Smooth vertical ticker scrolling
  • OSX: Fix potential OSX startup crash
  • PATCH: Fix IPS patches
  • PLAYLISTS: Fix playlist heap corruption bug. Would also cause potential crashes on OSX and 3DS at startup
  • SHADERS: Fix shader loading and saving in content-less cores
  • SHADERS: Implement video_shader_delay setting. Screen grabbing software like streaming software can interfere with the loading of shaders, resulting in graphical glitches or freezes. This PR adds a video_shader_delay setting (in ms) and (advanced) menu entries Video -> Auto-Shader Delay, allowing to work around the issue