We thank Eurogamer dearly for being one of the last bastions of journalism in the games industry and for breaking this story into the mainstream.
We want to especially thank Damien McFerran for covering this story in the first place and Byuu for participating in this story as well.

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The retro gaming industry could be killing video game preservation

We hope that the parties involved will feel more compelled now to treat this scene’s authors with the respect they deserve.

Out of the three parties involved, RetroBit so far has been willing to work with us in trying to remedy the problems with the launched product so far and come to a workable agreement between us and them. We applaud this and we hope that we will be able to resolve the issues in an amicable fashion.

We hope that this and other coverage of this ongoing problem will spell the end for the continued abuse of non-commercially licensed console emulators that continue to be sold on hardware devices like this, and that we can reach amicable solutions in the future with these companies when issues like these happen instead of us continuing to be ignored, and worst, even threatened to be sued unless we remove all articles mentioning their continued license violations. We will not be browbeaten here or cajoled and silenced, what is right is right, and this abuse has to end. We are completely 100% in the right in this situation.