Despite the short release cycle, there has been a fair bit of core work since the 1.6.4 release, including some significant contributions driven by the recently implemented bounty system. In no particular order:

Core updates

Snes9x 2005

JamSilva has been pushing various updates/fixes/improvements:
* Loading savestates seems to no longer cause segfaults
* Improved sound in the non-plus version – especially noticeable in Secret of Evermore.
* Working SPC7110 emulation (quickly tested with Tengai Makyou Zero and Momotarou Dentetsu Happy).
* CPU emulation fixes – E.V.O – Search for Eden
* CPU emulation fixes – Wizardry V
* The SA1 fixes correct the VLDC9 “WORST” level transition problem I mentioned in #36.
* Backport Brunnis lag fixes. I did not actually measure the input lag after applying the patch, only that there was no (obvious) game breakage on a few games.

Genesis Plus GX

Ekeeke pushed the following changes to upstream and the libretro core –
* [Core/CD] fixed CD hardware buffer initialization when using dynamic memory allocation – should fix crash at startup on WiiU

Parallel N64

* Add delay SI entries for Mischief Makers


r-type has ported this core to WiiU.

Beetle PSX

Various fixes have been committed:
* Fix PSX EXE loading.
* Fix some OpenGL regressions that crept in. Should fix in specific backgrounds in Crash Bandicoot games.

Beetle PC Engine Fast

rtissera has committed the following:
* MAME CHD image support

Beetle PC-FX

rtissera has committed the following:
* MAME CHD image support

Beetle SuperGrafx

rtissera has committed the following:
* MAME CHD image support

Final Burn Alpha

Various fixes and backports have been committed by barbureadmon and others:
* Fix for sound issues in Strikers 1945 Pro (s1945p)
* Hotfixes in upstream
* Fix some weird CPS2 layout
* Fix EEPROM saving
* PGM – single pcb boards, missing bios issue


underball has committed the following improvements:
* Added new DB entry for Double Dragon (RC7b) hack, also corrected MD5 value for Double Dragon (RC7). Added value=1 for “Flags” to One on One, and Basketbrawl. Also added missing values for Ninja Golf.

Bounties fulfilled/paid out