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RetroArch – [Direct3D] Create a Direct3D 11/12 backend for the D3D driver ($160)

This bounty has been increased from $125 to $160!

Description (by Twinaphex):

Right now, our current Direct3D driver has a couple of limitations:

1 – It is Direct3D 9 only, and requires the Cg toolkit in order to work.
2 – It only works with the RGUI menu driver. There does exist a menu_display_driver_d3d file, but it’s unfinished, and right now it only renders text in XMB.

For the purposes of this bounty, we are looking for somebody who can achieve the following:

1 – Write a Direct3D 11/12 driver. The exact implementation we leave up to you, but it would be best if there is still the possibility to use the old Direct3D 9 codepath for systems that don’t support Direct3D11.
2 – Finish up the Direct3D menu display driver so that it can properly render a menu driver like XMB and MaterialUI.

RetroArch – Add frontend to host VFS layer ($140)

This bounty has been increased from $70 to $140!

Description (by webgeek1234):

This is a feature request to add a virtual file system layer between Retroarch and the host. This would allow remote files systems such as WebDAV, sshfs, cifs, and NFS to be mounted and ROMs, saves, bios, and and thumbnails to be accessed through them.

Smartphone gamepad app for Remote RetroPad ($25)

This bounty has been increased from $10 to $25!

Description (by duduke):

I’m creating this Issue to serve as a bounty for someone to create an Android and iOS app that will use Remote RetroPad to enable using your smartphone as a remote gamepad for RetroArch.

This is especially useful for a mobile LAKKA install where you do not need to carry and gamepad with you.

RetroArch – Graceful switching between video drivers ($165)

This bounty has been increased from $115 to $165!

Description (by hizzlekizzle):

RetroArch currently behaves unpredictably and unstably when switching to cores that want a context other than what is currently active. This can happen because of video_driver settings being different in a core config override or because a core’s core options are telling it to use a different renderer than is active (e.g., GL vs Vulkan)

RetroArch – Vulkan video driver in fullscreen on GeForce Driver 387.92 causing black screen ($50)

Description (by WhiteZeroX) –

With the new nVidia GeForce 387.92 video driver, the RetroArch Vulkan video driver only displays a black screen when starting any emulator. This only occurs in fullscreen mode. If you run in Windowed mode or alt-tab out of RetroArch and back in, then you’ll get an image again (unless you change a resolution setting in the emulator causing the video driver to initialize).