The PlayStation 3 port is back after it was decommissioned for a long time. Consider this a beta version in anticipation of the upcoming 1.3.7 version which will be further fleshed out.

Also check out our concurrent release for the PS Vita:

RetroArch 1.3.6+ beta released for PS Vita (HENkaku-ready)!

Thanks to PSGL, the PlayStation3 driver can use the XMB menu driver using the OpenGL rendering backend. The simplified ribbon should be running properly in the background too.
Thanks to PSGL, the PlayStation3 driver can use the XMB menu driver using the OpenGL rendering backend. The simplified ribbon should be running properly in the background too.

Where to get it

Ezi0 graciously provided these two binaries for us.

CEX version: download here.

DEX version: download here.

What doesn’t work yet

This version can be considered a beta release. Here are the current issues:

  • You cannot scan for content as of right now. Instead, for now you should just load content directly from the filesystem.
  • To be able to use zipped ROMs on emulators like SNES9x and other similar emulators, always use ‘Open Archive As Folder’, then select the ROM you want to use. Don’t use ‘Load Archive With Core’ which won’t work for now.
  • If you go to ‘Information’ -> ‘Core Information’, it currently doesn’t show anything. Not a big deal for now but something we will want to fix later on regardless.
  • None of the ‘downloading’ features right now will work in the PS3 port. Our networking stack code for PS3 apparently requires some customizations still. If there are any PS3 devs who can help with this, by all means.

The PS3 version now uses the XMB menu driver, a big step-up from the previous versions’ RGUI menu driver. The font driver we are currently using for PS3 is the default bitmap font, so it doesn’t look as good as it could be, but we are going to be moving over to more fancy font rendering shortly, possibly using stb_font or something similar.

A sneak peek at 1.3.7 features

Since this is a current nightly snapshot release, PS3 and Vita users are able to get a sneak peek at some of the features that will be part of RetroArch 1.3.7 for the other platforms.

  • Improved error handling. When loading the wrong ROM into a core, most cores should be able to now gracefully exit instead of just quitting or crashing RetroArch.
  • Much more complete info message system. Press ‘Select’ on any entry and 99% of the time it should show you a handy help message explaining to you what each setting does. The ‘English’ language setting is currently the one that is most complete, for all other languages we need to wait until translators have finished adding all the help messages in their own language.

7 thoughts on “RetroArch 1.3.6+ beta release for PlayStation3!

  1. Both of the 1.3.7 sneak peak features sound great. Pretty much exactly what I wanted with RetroArch: not exiting the program when a Core doesn’t work right and better explanation of all the advanced menu features.

  2. Chris James Taylor

    August 16, 2016 — 6:15 pm

    Save state is not working properly for some games for PS3 Snes Next emulator on CEX 1.3.6+ beta. When you save state and go back to the game the music/sound has stopped but you can continue to play the game only until a cut-scene or level change and then the screen goes black and you must power off the PS3. (Super Mario World and Legend of Zelda for example) For some games you can tell it has worked properly because the music/sound does not stop after you have saved state. Loving the update so far though! Great work!

  3. When will that new Mednafen saturn emulator for the ps3 coming out? I can’t wait to play it

  4. Do I understand correctly that update core and update thumbnails functions do not work in this beta release?

  5. how do you put this on a non hacked fat ps3 dying to know i cant unpack the pkg files on my ps3.

    1. You dont. You need CFW.

  6. It wont load the page on my ps3 browser its just a white screen what do i do?! I need help

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