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RetroArch 1.8.9 released!

RetroArch 1.8.9 has just been released.

Grab it here.

A Libretro Cores Progress Report will follow later.

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AI Service – Custom accessibility service support

The AI service feature has included new changes to allow closer integration between the service selected and the game being played, allowing the service to read and press gamepad buttons along with the current screen image. The example video above shows a custom service (still in development) designed to make Final Fantasy 1 accessible and playable by blind users.

When started, the AI service will continually parse the screen and describe what’s being shown. When in a town or overworld view, it will describe what’s around the player to the west, north, east, and south, as well as any new things of interest that have appeared on screen (eg: a townsperson, a weapon shop, treasure chest, etc.). When the emulator is paused, it will give a more detailed description of what’s on the screen, including how far the player can walk in all directions and all things of interest along with their coordinates relative to the player. If the player holds the select button at this time, then the AI service will read out the list of things of interest on the screen and allow the player to scroll through them and select one. When selected, the AI service will unpause the game and move the player to that thing and interact with it.

When on a menu or battle screen, the service will read out the text on the screen and the currently selected menu option.

We will have more information on this for you soon after the initial testing and feedback is over.

Core Management Options

Backup cores when updating

By default now, a backup of the current Libretro core will be made when you upgrade a core from RetroArch’s builtin Updater service. In addition, you can also ‘freeze’ a core. ‘Freeze’ in this context means that the Updater service will not be able to overwrite your current core with the latest version from the Updater service.

Vulkan WSI improvements

There were some problem platforms with WSI (Window System Interface) currently, which version 1.8.9 partly addresses. This should theoretically reduce stalls on integrated GPUs.


What you’ve read above is just a small sampling of what 1.8.8 has to offer. There might be things that we forgot to list in the changelog listed below, but here it is for your perusal regardless.


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