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ParaLLEl RDP updates

Several important things got fixed in the latest core updates for ParaLLEl N64.


– A new deinterlacing system has been implemented that should be significantly better than the old one. Especially noticeable in games like Resident Evil 2, Turok 2’s high-res mode, Daikatana’s high-res mode, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer’s high-res mode, and tons of other games.

It just blits with a linear filter with an Y offset based on field state. Very basic, but seems good enough. Avoids the worst aspects of bob and weave

Crop overscan added

A game rendered with Angrylion and/or ParaLLEl RDP usually retains the black borders of the screen that went unused. With the ‘Crop Overscan’ option, you can strip these away from the final output image.

See here a good example – Daikatana in high-res mode. By default, it has big borders.

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