We’ve been trying to get out nightlies for as many platforms.
Recently we added OSX (64 bit) and iOS nightlies, as well as 3DS and PS Vita.

This week we’ve added cydia and f-droid repositories to out buildbot. These builds are on the bleeding edge, usually a few minutes behind the latest commit.
The URL for the cydia repository is: http://buildbot.libretro.com/repo/cydia
And the URL for the f-droid repository is: http://buildbot.libretro.com/repo/fdroid/repo

The Android builds are signed with the same key as the nightlies so updating from those should be seamless.
Alternatively you may scan these to get the URL:



Have fun!

Note: We know it’s not working on iOS9

8 thoughts on “New nightlies

  1. If I install straight from the new Cydia nightly repo no icon shows up afterwards. How do I make this work? Or is something messed up with the Cydia installer? iPad mini retina 2, iOS 8.3

    1. Looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks!

  2. Please add nightly for raspberry pi2

  3. to install cydia iphone 6 plus with, but does not work, a sign of ” 404 not found ” appears, I can help.

  4. Dear Libretro/Retroarch-Team, dear Radius4,

    first things first:

    ! THANK YOU !

    After checking this site for months and months, waiting for the release of the iOS-version I felt like a little boy on christmas morning when I finally read that the cydia repo is back up! Again: Thanks for all of your hard work!

    As a little support to you and fellow RetroArch-Lovers, I wanted to state some issues I personally encountered concerning the PS3 Controller. Hopefully it will help somewhat in getting the iOS-version to the “Epic-Status” it deserves!
    To use a PS3-Controller (bluetooth) for iOS it is and was inevitable to install “Controllers for All” and “BTstack” from Cydia. (For Mac you also need the App “SixPairMac” to connect PS3 to the iDevice)

    Here is what I found out for the RetroArch-Version

    Ofcourse everyone, like me, fired up “Controllers for All”, connected the PS3-Controller and afterwards opened RetroArch (

    In the Setting-Menu, when trying to bind the inputs etc. all of us had to cope with the issue that some of the buttons did not work:

    1. “Select”-Button
    2. “Start”-Button
    3. “PS3”-Middle-Button
    4. “Left-Analog-Stick”-Press (Pushing/Pressing the stick down)
    5. “Right-Analog-Stick”-Press (Pushing/Pressing the stick down)

    I read hundreds of posts and visited hundreds of websites to find a solution but found NOTHING.
    Finally, after fiddling with RetroArch etc. for weeks I found out how to have all (!!!) buttons work.

    The “Solution” worked on all of my devices running version iPhone 5s & 6, iPad mini 4, iPad 3, iPad Air 1 & 2.

    This is what I did… Finally the Solution for all (my) Devices running &

    STEP 1. Close all Apps and restart the iDevice.
    – 1.1 Connect PS3-Controller and the iDevice to Mac vial USB.
    – 1.2 Use “SixPairMac” to connect both to “get to know each other”
    – 1.3 Unplug both (PS3-Controller and iDevice) from Mac. Wait until PS3-Controller stops “blinking” the red LED.
    – 1.4 Optional: Check If both are (really) connected. I switched OFF iOS Bluetooth and switched ON “BTstacks”, “Controllers for All” and afterwards the game “LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga”. When my PS3-Controller seemed to work I continued to Step 2.

    STEP 2. Turn OFF both “Controllers for All” and the “internal” iOS-Bluetooth function! (YES, SWITCH THEM OF!)
    – 2.1 Leave “BTstack” turned ON
    – 2.2 “Close” iOS-Settings (also from Dock!) wait for a couple of seconds. Make sure PS3-Controller is OFF and the the red LED is not “blinking” etc. Also make sure the iOS-Bluetooth”Logo” up to the right on the iDevices is “grayed out” and not “black” and “thick”!

    STEP 3: Turn ON RetroArch.
    3.1 Press the PS3-Middle-Button (with the PlayStation-Logo) and wait until both the red PS3-Controller LED lights up Player 1 and the “grayed” Bluetooth-Logo on the top right corner becomes “black and thick” 🙂

    STEP: 4. Enter the RetroArch Input-Settings. Make sure “w/ Analog” is checked in Device-Type and the Left Analog stick is select. Also the “Device Index” should be set to the “Controller with Analog Sticks”.
    4.1 Start to bind all Keys.

    5. ENJOY RetroArch ( & with PS3-Controller) and ALL BUTTONS AND ANALOG-STICKS WORKING! 🙂

    Solving Issues:
    I did have issues but (how stated above) got it working on ALL(!!!) my iDevices.
    If it won’t work for you ( & DON’T STOP. It WILL work!
    The good thing with me was to know that it DID work at least once on my iDevice so I never gave up. I KNEW it could work so I just tried to find “the issue”.

    At the end I found out that the following workflow always “helped” to fire back up everything again if issues start (mostly when the iPad lost battery):

    1. Close all Apps (also from the dock)

    2. Restart the iDevice.

    3. Turned iOS-Airplane-Mode ON and OFF

    4. Followed STEP 2 to STEP 5


    As for now with iOS-RetroArch-Version 1.2.2 (Early Nov. 2015) the above Workaround sadly does NOT work anymore… (Somebody wrote this is because Apples “Controllers-MFI” is not supported anymore…?)

    Dear Libretro/Retroarch-Team, dear Radius4.

    I hope this somehow helps you in understanding how to get things working concerning the PS3-Controller. Since i’m not a developer I don’t know what to make up with that information. 😉
    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to help with my solution since over a year. It just came over me now…
    I am sure (also if it might take more months) that RetroArch will end up as the MUST-HAVE APP on every iPad and iPhone. Old (JailBreakable) iPads etc. might get really worthy because of you. 😉

    THANKS DevTeam!
    THANKS Raduis4!

  5. Hi
    I installed retroarch yesterday on my jaibroken iOS 9 iPhone 6s and I managed to play with the PlayStation 1 emulator and I was over the moon. But today the 16th of november whenever i open a bin file for the ps1 se whole app crashes, im not sure if it’s because of the new tweak that was released today or what.
    I little help would be great because when it worked it was great.

  6. Now that you dont need a developer account anymore i want to ask. Can you compile the new version of Retroarch yourself to a non jailbroken Iphone?

  7. Dear Libretro,
    The forum software is not sending emails on forgot password or new registrations. Tried several email services. Please fix.

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