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In Development – RetroArch ANGLE support – OpenGL support for UWP and more

ANGLE is middleware developed by Google that serves as an OpenGL compatibility layer on systems where OpenGL support is either spotty or missing entirely. It converts OpenGL calls to Direct3D 9/11.

In this video, you will see ANGLE being used on RetroArch UWP. In specific, it allows us to run OpenGL cores now on the Xbox One, where only Direct3D 11/12 are available as graphics APIs. Mupen64plus Next is shown running in this video on an Xbox One S with fairly acceptable results.

Will this be ready for the next version?

We don’t know yet if this will make it for version 1.8.2.

Let us tell you though what this will entail in the future –

What usecases are there for using ANGLE instead of regular OpenGL?

There are several scenarios imaginable where you would want to use ANGLE. Here are some of them –

We will fill you in as things develop how ANGLE will fit into RetroArch’s future releases. For now, the path seems clear – separate core versions for the emulators that have viable OpenGL ES 2/3 codepaths, and separate binaries at least on Windows desktop for an ANGLE-enabled and non-ANGLE enabled version. The redist (redistributable) will also need to be updated to include the extra dynamic library dependencies.

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