RetroArch is and will always be free software. Unfortunately sometimes we need to pay for hosting providers or developer hardware.

A few months back, the company that was providing our (then free) hosting service was bought by another company which in turn meant we could no longer have the VPS we were using to build the nightlies nor the VPS that was used to host the actual downloads, so we had to scramble yet again, to get back on our feet.

At the moment we are still building on donated hardware but we have moved our web sites to DigitalOcean (which is not free), so after a lot of debate we’ve decided to start accepting donations.
Donations will be handled by Paypal and will help us with:

– Hosting fees
– Developer hardware

We will review donations on a monthly basis, if all of sudden we have more than we need, we may close donations temporarily until we need them again.

Just to be clear, we expect donations to be with no strings attached, donating doesn’t mean we’ll scramble to implement features on request or port RetroArch to a specific platform or port any particular piece of software to RetroArch. We’ll be providing the same software on the same manner as we are now.

We plan to add the donation buttons next week.